5 Actors That Could Play Iron Man (Tony Stark) In Upcoming MCU Movies

Rumor has it that the Mission Impossible actor, Tom Cruise is playing a variant of the MCU Tony Stark (Iron Man) in the new Dr Strange movie. Many posts and reports have claimed that Tom Cruise would actually be playing the role of Superior Iron Man from Earth-TRN517 and from the reactions of fans, there are two things that can be noticed.
  • The Superior (Supreme) Iron Man is a character that we haven’t seen a live-action version of and because of this, there are still some fans out there who want to see this character live-action.
  • There are speculations about Tom Cruise replacing Robert Downey Junior as Tony Stark from Earth-616. This is actually one of the main reasons people don’t want Tom Cruise to play a variant of Tony Stark, coupled with the fact that Tom Cruise rejected the role right from the start.

So since some fans don’t want Tom Cruise as Iron Man, who else can take the role up and make the best out of its performance? Well, here are 5 actors that could play Iron Man (Tony Stark) in upcoming MCU movies.

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Many years back, many DC fans wanted to see Gordon-Levitt take up the Batman’s sidekick role as Robin, after his performance in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises“. It didn’t go well but now, seeing him as Tony Stark is definitely what some fans out there are craving for. Gordon-Levitt as Iron Man is going to be awesome, considering the fact that Marvel is already exploring on the idea of a multiverse.

Tony Stark’s behavior and lifestyle is definitely something that Gordon-Levitt can pull off easily and that is if he is ever going to be acting as Iron Man someday.

2. Christian Bale

Now we have stepped up from Robin the sidekick to Batman himself and I’m very sure that many people have imagined what Christian Bale would look like if he was to play Iron Man. Considering the fact that Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are very similar in terms of their alter ego, multi-billionaire status and also how they’ve been portrayed in live-action movies.

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Part of the exciting news here is that Christian Bale is already working with Marvel and would be taking up the role of “Gorr the God Butcher” who would be a for in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Playing two different characters in the MCU isn’t a new thing, so we are very sure that acting as “Gorr the God Butcher” and also Tony Stark won’t be a problem for Christian Bale.

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3. Matt Bomer

Many people loved Matt Bomer for his role as the voice actor of Clark Kent (Superman) in the animation “Superman: Unbound” released back in 2013. In 2021, he was also the voice actor of Flash/Barry Allen in Justice Society: World War II and since then, quite a lot of people have suggested that he could take up the role of Tony Stark. Yes, we do know that he’s very good with voice acting but we still want to see his performance as the playboy, philanthropist and Billionaire that Tony Stark is.

Matt Bomer is definitely part of the actors that can play Iron Man , hedoes seem like an individual that would surprise Marvel fans. If Matt Boner gets the opportunity to be Iron Man that Robert Downey Junior brought into light, he’d do well.

Also, the Ultimate Iron Man from Earth-1610 seems like a wonderful variant that Matt Bomer can explore in upcoming marvel movies.

4. Mark Wahlberg

During an interview, Mark Wahlberg actually stated that he would love to play Tony Stark in future Marvel movies after Robert Downey Junior and people are starting to like the idea. Mark Wahlberg in one of Tony Stark’s suits is something that sounds amazing. Also, since he has the ability to play different movie characters with ease, this one won’t be a hard one.

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It’s not expected that Mark Wahlberg’s Iron Man should come from Earth-616, he could be a variant who is from another universe, he could even play the role of a Tony Stark who’s actually villainous.

The role of Tony Stark has endless amounts of possibilities, some of which we have seen in the comic books, so if we want to see another Iron Man, we would want something different. A variant like the Tony Stark from Earth-1810, who is also the Sorcerer Supreme Iron Man, would be great with Mark Wahlberg playing the role.

5. Bradley Cooper

We have seen Bradley Cooper and his amazing voice acting for the character we all know as Rocket Raccoon and ever since his appearance in the first Guradians Of The Galaxy Movie, people have been asking for more of Bradley Cooper.

Although, most people still want to see him as Rocket Raccoon in future Marvel movies, rumor has it that the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would be the end of this wonderful character.

If that happens, then most Marvel fans would want Bradley Cooper back in the MCU but as Tony Stark/Iron Man. It isn’t a must that his Tony Stark would be the one from Earth-616, the universe we all refer to as “our own universe” and it would be great if Marvel considers this.

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These names listed above are just five (5) out of many actors that can play Iron Man (Tony Stark) but what is to be considered is if they would eventually make watchers like their performance. So apart from Tom Cruise there are lots of actors that can be considered for the role of Anthony Stark but the question is “can they give the watchers what they want to see?”.

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