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Welcome to vector media.com.ng, your favorite entertainment blog and also one of the best blogs to bring to you, regular stories, gists and also all things trending under the entertainment umbrella. We constantly update you and other people of the public who are interested in the variety of things being talked about in the entertainment sector, be it small or big.

Founded in August 2021, by Ikeagwu Victor, vectormedia.com.ng has been solely based on giving the internet users contents that matters. We are always looking for easier and better ways to make visitors like you glued to our contents, find interest in them and also be satisfied with what they see and read.

Vectormedia.com.ng, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is devoted to giving 99% (if not all) of our audience, a reason to see us as a reliable source of entertainment contents.

Our Aims

  • To become the best source of interesting and captivating contents.
  • To give our audience contents that are reliable, true and far away from fake news.
  • To change the common and usual way of how updates, stories and news related to entertainment are being fed to the public.

If you have any questions or suggestions on even the littlest thing concerning our contents and everything related to us, be sure to contact us via our email address: vectormedia17@gmail.com