How To Track Unknown WhatsApp Number – WhatsApp Who They Chat

Did you ever receive a message from someone and feel like you wanted to know him without asking that person for his identity? Well, if you are wondering, it is possible to track unknown Whatsapp Numbers.

Tracking unknown Whatsapp Numbers is not difficult as it seems. It is easier than reading this article, lol.

We are pretty much sure that you can track unknown Whatsapp numbers after reading this article.

Tracking unknown Whatsapp numbers is also known as “WhatsApp Who They Chat” the word is originally from “Who is chatting me” or “Who I’m I chatting with” I believe you understand what I mean.

We have two methods of tracking the identity of an unknown Whatsapp number. However, we recommend method 1 for the fast and genuine result.

#1 WhatsApp Name

Yeah, you heard it right. Every user has a WhatsApp name. Don’t tell you didn’t remember that Whatsapp usually asks for a name when you are registering.

You will be asked for your name when you verify your phone number before being redirected to your WhatsApp homepage, where all the chats are displayed.

How To Use This Method:

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Locate the unknown Whatsapp phone number you want to track
  • Click on his profile
  • You will notice that there is a name below written below the person’s profile picture.
  • See the screenshot below.

#2 WhatsApp Who They Chat By Truecaller

Truecaller is the best application to know who’s calling – identify unknown calls & block spam without any stress.

That’s not. You can also use Truecaller as your dialer. I believe you all know about Truecaller, so no need for a long explanation.

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We recommend using Truecaller Premium, which you can download from this link.

How To Use Truecaller To Identify Unknown WhatsApp Number

  • Download Truecaller from PlayStore or the link above.
  • Install and open Trucaller
  • Register Trucaller using your mobile phone number, verify your number by providing OTP you receive via SMS.
  • You will see a dialer on the Truecaller.
  • Copy the unknown Whatsapp number and paste it to the dialer.
  • Truecaller will track the person behind that number automatically.