Top Platforms To Sell Your Product For Free In Nigeria

How does it feel about selling your products online without paying a single penny for ads? Isn’t that a good solution for small businesses?

When it comes to a profitable business, the more eyeballs product gets, the more sales company will get.

Building an E-commerce website for a small business will be somehow complex. Many businesses are now down just because of not having traffic to their E-commerce websites.

The result has completely changed these days; with some top E-commerce sites, you can sell your products for free.

Business is all about packaging and branding; those with law sell are the ones who can’t brand and package their business.

Our generation is completely different from our parent’s own; almost everything can be done online without stress.

If you were one of those who failed because of not having customers, this post could be the perfect solution to your problems.

Without boring you with many write-ups, let’s list some platforms to sell products for free in Nigeria.

Top Platforms To Sell Products For Free In Nigeria

Below is the list of top online shopping platforms that offer free advert to their users.

1. Jumia

I can’t believe you never heard about Jumia; It’s the number one online marketplace that offers varieties of items to sell.

The company was created and owned by the two key people Sacha Poignonnec, Jérémy Hodara, as narrated by Wikipedia.

As the number one market place In Nigeria and arguably In Africa, Jumia has an average number 225,000 of users.

Jumia is dedicated to providing a wide range of products to its users enabling vendors to sell their products for free.

Registration to become a jumia seller is completely free; you can learn more about the steps on how to become Jumia Vendor At this link.

Tips To Make More Sell On Jumia

  • An eye-catching headline, it’s also worth noting Jumia doesn’t allow headlines with clickbait.
  • An informative description of an item that didn’t include false information

Items You Can Sell On Jumia

  • Televisions
  • Android Phones
  • iOS Phones
  • Kitchen Bundles
  • Toasters
  • Cool gadgets
  • Books
  • Fashion and many more.
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Jiji is the second Nigerian marketplace where buyers and sellers can exchange goods and services.

The company was owned and operated by Anton Wolyansky.

Jiji has gained its recognition since 2014, the year it was founded. The marketplace has an estimated 800,000 ads and 160,000 sellers with an additional 7 million original users per month, as aggregated by Wikipedia.

There’s no doubt in getting potential buyers on; it’s one of the top online stores in Nigeria, your products go directly to over 7 million users when it’s approved.

Everybody can use the search box and found your item.

How Works?

Your products will be reviewed and posted by officials; the unqualified product will be rejected. You are required to post pictures of your product for buyer’s satisfaction.

That’s not all; users can easily report fraud activities to Jiji officials by clicking on “something wrong” make sure you specified your exact report for that particular Item.

Posting rules on

  • Each advert must have the exact product title.
  • The seller must include photos of the item; the photos must be taken by him, not downloaded from the internet.
  • The image of an advert must not include a watermark.
  • You are required to post products that are legally permitted.
  • The seller must give a clear description of his product for the buyer’s satisfaction.

Tips To Create An Effective Ad On Jiji

Items with eye-catching headlines are likely to make more sales; you are advised to sit down and write an appropriate headline for your product.

You need to provide an informative description that didn’t include any false information, also include high-quality images of your items.

It’s compulsory to set a correct price for your items; otherwise, your advert will be rejected; you are advised to provide your correct contact details to enable your potential buyer to reach you easily.

Products with free shipping/delivery are likely to make more sales; if possible, never charge your potential clients for delivery.

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Jiji has developed a feature that allows buyers to rate your product; the more rating you get, the more chances attract more buyers.

Prohibited Items On

As one of the Nigeria online shopping sites, Jiji has prohibited some number of items that are allowed.

  • Weapons
  • Human organs
  • Crypto Currencies Sells
  • Sexually oriented services
  • Electronic equipment is prohibited by Nigerian national laws.
  • Multi-level marketing is prohibited.

Jiji. ng can be found on Google Play Store or at this link.

3. is one of the Nigerian top ecommerce sites and free market place founded and owned by Opera.

The company was specifically designed to connect real buyers & sellers. understands the Importance of selling items online, so they allow you to post product for free.

Items You Can Advertise On For Free

  • Electronics
  • Jobs
  • Phones
  • Home & Kids
  • Fashion & Health
  • VidOCam
  • Services

Any Items apart from the one I listed are not free; however, you can upgrade to VIP Plan to sell Land, Cars ETC.

If your desired category is not listed on, feel free to select “others” when posting an item. can be found on Google Play Store.

4. Konga

Konga is an open Ecommerce platform that provides its users some number of items to post and sell for free.

The online shopping store (Konga) was founded by Sim Shagaya, who happens to be a resident of Lagos State.

Taking Konga to the top has never been easy; the CEO has raised $3.5M from Investment AB Kinnevik, as narrated by Wikipedia.

Konga can be found on Google Play Store.

Items You Can Sell On Konga

  • Phone
  • Fashion And Beauty
  • Services
  • VidOCam
  • Electronics

However, you can learn more about the steps to sell On Konga by clicking on this link.


I listed the top online stores and free market place that you can post a product for free; this post will be updated.

I recommend you bookmark this page so you will be refreshing it daily. Thanks for understanding.