Bugis Street Foods: 15 Close Restaurants You Should Visit

Bugis Street is a popular shopping and dining district in Singapore, known for its lively and bustling atmosphere. The area was once a red-light district in the 1950s to 1980s. But over the years, it has undergone lots of major transformations to become a vibrant shopping destination in recent years. Today, it is a popular tourist spot and the Bugis Street foods are part of what increased its popularity.

The area offers a variety of dishes from different cultures, including Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisine. Some popular Bugis Street foods include Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, satay, rojak, curry puffs, and many more. People love to buy the street foods sold there but unfortunately, it’s often crowded.

This is why we’ve put up a list of some restaurants very close to Bugis that also offer those ‘Bugis Street foods’ you want. Here are 15 of the best restaurants you should visit for some of the most enjoyable Bugis Street foods.

1. Rocku Yakiniku

Rocku Yakiniku, Bugis Street Foods
Rocku Yakiniku; Bugis Street

At Rocku Yakiniku, you can have a traditional Japanese grilled meat experience while enjoying live Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin pop-rock music every Thursday to Saturday. This restaurant is a winner among Bugis street food joints, and it definitely surpasses any other KBBQ restaurant you frequent.

The menu features wagyu beef, Iberico pork, Nagano pork biblets, Kurobuta short ribs, Australian boneless short ribs, and pork jowl. If you’re familiar with Bugis Street foods, you would know that sizzling meat pairs best with refreshing alcoholic beverages such as Asahi Beer Tower, Nikka Black Special, or Gekkeikan Josen. Visit Rocku Yakiniku at 201 Victoria Street, #04-06, Bugis+, Singapore 188067.

2. Saveur (Purvis)

Saveur (Purvis)
Saveur (Purvis)

This restaurant offers French cuisines at affordable prices, making fine dining accessible to everyone. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of French cuisine you can enjoy without breaking the bank. Begin your meal with a starter of Saveur’s Pasta before moving on to main plates like Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Roulade, and the signature Duck Confit.

Those with a sweet tooth can try the Panna Cotta for a sweet end to the meal. You can find Saveur (Purvis) at 5 Purvis Street, #01-04, Singapore 188584.

3. Xiao Long Kan Hotpot

Xiao Long Kan Hotpot; Bugis Street
Xiao Long Kan Hotpot; Bugis Street

When you’re in the mood for some fiery-hot mala soup, Xiao Long Kan Hotpot is the perfect spot. This brand from Chengdu is the brainchild of F&B veteran Lao Wu and offers top-quality ingredients such as tender beef slices, ladyfinger wrapped with pork, and freshly-made tofu.

But what really keeps customers coming back is the warm and attentive customer service. You can find Xiao Long Kan Hotpot at 200 Victoria Street, #02-54, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021.

4. HolyCrab

Holy Crab
Holy Crab

HolyCrab used to be a private dining concept but has since been converted into a restaurant in collaboration with the owners of Joo Bar. Their specialty is Singapore-style crabs, including Holy Crab with thick vermicelli in rich crab broth, Succumb Crabs cooked with fine vermicelli, Devil’s Crab in butter sauce, Balsamic Crabs, Singapore Chilli Crabs, and Orgasmic Crabs (salted egg yolk).

You can find Holy Crab at: 2 Tan Quee Lan Street, #01-03, Singapore 188091.

5. Honguo

Honguo; Bugis Street Foods
Honguo; Bugis Street Foods

Located in Bugis Junction, this restaurant is famous for its Cross Bridge Vermicelli dish. This hot pot-like dish features a bowl of boiling-hot soup served with smaller plates of fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, seafood, and vermicelli.

The story behind the dish dates back to a scholar in the province of Yunnan, China, whose wife delivered him still-hot soup using a layer of oil that kept it warm. The soup has a mild taste, so those who prefer strong flavors may want to try other dishes on the menu. If you’re in deer need of something like Bugis Street foods, visit Honguo is at 791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759.

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6. Teppan Chef’s Table

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Teppan Chef’s Table offers an interactive dining experience at a teppanyaki communal table, where you can get up close and personal with the chef. The menu changes according to seasonal produce, ensuring the freshest and most diverse offerings.

If you think dining experiences like these are bound to be expensive, Teppan Chef’s Table will prove you wrong. The ‘Weekday Donburi Lunches’ start from just S$22++, which includes a hearty Japanese donburi, a salad, miso soup, and fresh fruits. You can find Teppan Chef’s Table at 5 Fraser Street, Level 25, Andaz Singapore, Singapore 189354.

7. Folklore

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Folklore is a restaurant that serves up nostalgic flavours and seeks to bring back fond memories for the older generation while reminding the younger ones of Singapore’s colourful food heritage. The menu features dishes that reflect the culinary traditions of all five of Singapore’s major ethnic groups, including Chinese, Indian, Malay, Peranakan, and Eurasian.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to order, go for the Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice, a fragrant and savoury dish that will leave you craving for more. Don’t forget to end your meal with the Kueh Kosui, a sweet steamed tapioca kueh sprinkled with freshly grated coconut flakes. You can find Folklore at 700 Beach Road, Level 2, Destination Singapore, Singapore 199598.

8. Akira Back

Akira Back
Akira Back

At Akira Back, named after the renowned Michelin-starred chef who leads the kitchen, you can indulge in exquisite Japanese cuisine with Korean influences. Among food enthusiasts, the Tuna Pizza is a favorite – the delicious tuna is elegantly arranged into the shape of a wheel.

If you prefer meat, try the 48 Hours Sanchoku Short Ribs, made with slow-cooked premium Wagyu short ribs that are incredibly tender. The chic interior of Akira Back enhances the overall dining experience. You can find this exceptional restaurant at 30 Beach Road, Level B1M, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore, Singapore 189763.

9. Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

This famous ramen chain is renowned for its award-winning pork broth, made by simmering pork bones on high heat for 11 hours to extract maximum flavor, fats, and collagen. The Bugis Street branch is unique in that it offers ramen made with seasonal ingredients.

The Autumn Ramen, featuring three assorted mushrooms, is particularly popular. With a 4.4-star rating from over 1,100 Google reviews, it’s undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Bugis. You can find this restaurant at 158 Rochor Road, Bugis Village, Singapore 188433.

10. Flying Monkey

Flying Monkey Restaurant
Flying Monkey Restaurant

If you’re looking for a close place to relax and eat Bugis Street foods on weekends or Friday nights, Flying Monkey is perfect. This Indian tapas restaurant and bar offers delicious pan-Indian cuisine served tapas-style, as well as classic cocktails with an Indian twist. It’s one of the spots that has the best Bugis Street foods.

The Galouti Kebab is a must-try, made with meat minced 13 times and marinated with certain spices and unripe papaya. Other dishes include Tandoori Chicken, Tulsi Cod, Calamari, and Truffle Naan, all of which pair well with their bespoke cocktails. You can find this restaurant at 67 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199480.

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11. Madame Fan

Madame Fan
Madame Fan

If you’re looking for a luxurious dining experience in the Bugis area, Madame Fan is the place to be. This Chinese fine-dining restaurant offers traditional Chinese dishes with premium ingredients that are cooked to perfection to bring out their best flavours.

Some must-try dishes include the tender Wok-Fried Crispy Duck, the less spicy than usual White Pepper Crab, the carb lover’s Claypot Japanese Rice with Japanese Sweet Potato, and the customer-favourite Lobster Cantonese with Wanton Noodle that features the juiciest lobster meat. You can find Madam Fan at 32 Beach Road, South Beach Tower, Singapore 189764.

12. Dim Sum Place

Dim Sum Place
Dim Sum Place

This is a halal restaurant known for its authentic Cantonese cuisine, including classic dim sum dishes like Crystal Shrimp Dumpling (har gow) and Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice with Chicken. They also offer creative twists on traditional dim sum, such as Deep Fried Chives & Beef Dumpling, Vermicelli Roll with Lamb Rendang, and Duck Charsiew Bun. Prawn Paste Chicken is a popular side dish.

The restaurant is conveniently located near Bugis MRT, and offers both indoor and roadside seating. You can find the Dim Sum Place at 791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759.

13. One Bowl Restaurant & Bar

One Bowl Restaurant and Bar
One Bow Restaurant and Bar

This establishment focuses on serving simple, home-cooked dishes that are both delicious and affordable. They offer unique twists on classic Singaporean dishes, such as the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing & Special Otah, Claypot Rice, and Braised E-Fu Noodles.

The Chendol is also highly praised for its perfect balance of sweetness, fragrant beans, and smooth coconut milk. You can find One Bowl Restaurant Bar at 101 Jalan Sultan, #01-01, Singapore 199002.

14. Sawadee Thai Cuisine

Sawadee Thai Cuisine
Sawadee Thai Cuisine

The Sawadee Thai Cuisine has been a pioneer of Thai cuisine in Singapore for over two decades. This restaurant serves both traditional Thai dishes and modern Thai food with a playful twist. You must try the Thai Style Otah, made with blended mackerel fish and spices, accompanied by homemade chili sauce.

The Thai Coconut Chicken Soup is another favorite – served in a coconut, no less! The hallmark of a good Thai restaurant is its soup, and Sawadee Thai Cuisine does not disappoint. Visit them at 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188098.

15. The Ramen Stall

The Ramen Stall
The Ramen Stall

If you’re craving some hearty bowls of ramen noodles, head over to The Ramen Stall. This halal Japanese restaurant is located just on the fringe of Bugis and offers a rich, creamy umami taste in every bowl of ramen soup, brewed with meat and bones for over 30 hours. Aside from ramen, the restaurant also serves other Japanese dishes like sushi rolls, chilled soba, and sashimi, some of which have a unique Singaporean twist.

For instance, there’s the Chicken Floss Cutlet Roll, a sushi roll with chunky chicken cutlet wrapped inside and a sprinkling of chicken floss on top. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Mala Ramen, a favourite amongst customers that packs an ultra mouth-numbing kick. You can find The Ramen Stall at 787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755.

These aforementioned places above are just few out of many others that offer some of the best ‘Bugis Street Foods’. As usual, they never seem to disappoint their buyers, which is one big reason why Bugis Street foods will always have a high demand.

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