Is scam or not: Doctorpayments Review

With the high cost of healthcare, patients often wonder where their money goes and how doctors are compensated. aims to provide transparency by offering a searchable database of payments made by pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers to healthcare providers in the United States.

But is this site a trustworthy source of information or just another attempt by the healthcare industry to cover up their practices? Let’s take a closer look.

About is a web-based platform designed to assist medical professionals in managing their financial transactions efficiently. The platform provides tools for billing and payment management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement, among other features.

Through, physicians can streamline their billing processes, track their income and expenses, and monitor their cash flow in real-time. By doing so, they can focus on delivering quality healthcare services to their patients while ensuring their financial stability.

When Was Created?

According to the Whois record, was created in 2002 and is registered under PERFECT PRIVACY.LLC. Just so you know, the Whois record is a public database that contains information about domain name registrations. The website will reportedly expire in 2030, which suggests that it has been around for a considerable amount of time. However, while the age of the website may be impressive, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s not a scam. Further investigation is necessary to determine its legitimacy.

The Red Flags

It’s important to consider obvious red flags, customer feedbacks and other major details when evaluating a website’s credibility. As for customer feedbacks, this is where websites like come in handy. is a popular platform where customers can leave reviews and feedback about their experiences with different websites.

It’s a valuable resource to use when assessing the legitimacy of a website like Now, let’s take a look at some of the red flags that customers and reviewers have pointed out on Sitejabber and other online platforms.

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One of the red flags associated with is that the website is often down for extended periods, making it difficult for users to access it. According to some user feedback on, users have reported being locked out of the site and unable to access it for a significant amount of time. This can be frustrating for users who need to access the site regularly to manage their bills and payments. The fact that the website experiences such frequent downtime raises concerns about its reliability and overall quality. Reviews & Customer Feedbacks

Based on the reviews on, has received mostly negative feedback from its users. We have looked at the reviews and the website currently has eleven 1-star reviews and only one 5-star review. This indicates that the majority of customers have had a negative experience with the website.

These reviews highlight issues with the website’s functionality, customer service, and billing processes. It’s actually still important to note that the reviews are subjective and individual experiences may vary, but the overall trend is concerning.

Customer review of on

As you can see in the image above, a frustrated customer is reporting that they are unable to contact anyone at either by phone or through the website. According to them, the website is not accepting their account number, and they are unable to confirm if the site received a second payment. Despite leaving voicemails, they are receiving no call back or response.

This review raises concerns about the reliability of’s customer support and payment processing systems. If customers are unable to contact the company or confirm their payments, it may lead to significant financial and medical problems. It is important to note that this is just one of many negative reviews on the website, indicating a pattern of poor customer service and functionality.

According to another customer review on, charged an additional $497.00 on top of the $1200.00 that the hospital had charged them. The customer was understandably upset about the unexpected bill and found it difficult to get in touch with anyone at to address the issue.

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user review of on

This raises concerns about transparency and fairness in billing practices. Patients should not have to deal with sudden subjected charges without clear communication and justification from the healthcare provider or payment processor. It also highlights the importance of carefully reviewing billing statements and questioning any discrepancies or unexpected charges.

Limited Payment Options only offers credit/debit card payment options, which is a major disadvantage for customers who prefer other payment methods, such as bank transfers, PayPal or other major banking systems. This lack of payment options can be a huge inconvenience for those who do not have access to credit/debit cards or are uncomfortable using them online.

The absence of alternative payment options also raises concerns about the legitimacy of the website, as it’s uncommon for a payment management website not to offer other payment methods. This could discourage potential customers from using and result in lost business.

Is Scam or Not

In conclusion, while may not necessarily be a scam website, it is undoubtedly a poorly-maintained one. Many users have reported being unable to access the site for extended periods. There are complaints about how its payment options are limited. The site also seems to charge customers exorbitant amounts, such as the case of the $497.00 bill on top of the $1200.00 hospital charge.

Furthermore, the numerous negative reviews on websites such as Sitejabber, coupled with the fact that the site rarely responds to customer complaints, should be a warning to potential users of the site. In summary, does not seem like a website that would provide a satisfactory experience to most customers.

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