Easimoney Loan App Review: How to Secure Loan on App

Easimoney Loan App Review How to Secure Loan on App

Easemoni loan app: Review. Easemoni loan app is a digital and instant money lending app in Nigeria that offers fast and soft loans to borrowers of various capacities, with flexible interest rates that are suitable for all classes of borrowers.

It offers loan services through a simple and easy-to-use mobile app. If you’re looking for a loan with a flexible interest rate that will get you through the short term, the Easemoni app will not only make the funds available but will also provide you with a seamless experience.

Who is the owner of the Easemoni loan app?

BlueRidge Microfinance Limited owns Easemoni, which has an office at 60 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Jaja Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 2009 with a CBN-approved MFB license, the company provides safe and dependable banking services.

What we like best about the Easemoni loan You can borrow up to N1,000,000 for personal and business purposes.

  • There is no need for collateral.
  • There is no paperwork required.
  • It has a low-interest rate of 5% to 10%.
  • The monthly loan term is extended to 91 days, but only for first-time borrowers.
  • There is no need for a guarantee or a deposit.
  • If you fail to make a repayment, you will be notified when it is due.

What we dislike about the Easemoni loan:

  • It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine if you are loan worthy; if you have a low credit score, you may not be approved for a loan.
  • Before you can access a loan, the app must access your mobile phone contacts, SMS, images, and other personal effects under privacy control, which is a common feature of online loan apps in Nigeria.

The interest rate on Easemoni loan As a prospective borrower, you should carefully review the interest rate payable afterward before applying for any loan. A high-interest rate may eat up the majority of your finances and, in some cases, may impair your ability to repay a loan.

Easemoni Loan Interest Rate

Easemoni understands that each customer has different needs; as a Microfinance institution, we believe that the best way to improve quality of life through financial inclusion is to offer flexible loans with variable interest rates.

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The monthly interest rate on Easemoni loans ranges between 5% and 10%. For example, if you are a first-time borrower with a good credit history, you are most likely to be approved for an N8,000 loan for one week. You are required to repay an N320 interest rate. The repaid amount is N8,000 + N320 = N8,320.00.

Security and credibility:

Easemoni, a loan service provider, was founded on May 17th, 2021, and has since disbursed over $200 million to Nigerian borrowers with favorable loan terms.

With over 4 million registered users, over 2000 regular employees in Nigeria, 80% of whom have a university degree. Rest assured that your information is secure with the Easemoni loan app, which uses an end-to-end encrypted feature to protect personal data and payment information.

What customers have to say

We couldn’t find any negative user reviews for the time being, but one thing we noticed is that they appear to be borrowers with the lowest interest rate at this time. The app’s functionality was highly rated by users. Customer service If you have any problems while using the app.

Customer Care Service

You can contact their customer service for assistance. Contact us at info.easemoni@gmail.com. Phone: +234 908 7614 150 Address: 60 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

How to Get loan ao Easemoni Loan.

Easemoni loan app is an online loan app; to obtain a loan, you must,

Step one:

Go to Google Play or the App Store and download and install the Easemoni loan app for Android or iOS.

Step two:

Register for a username and password on the app. Third step: Verify your account by going to the email address you provided, then logging in with your username and password.

Step three:

Verify your account by going to your provided email address and logging in.

Step four:

Begin a loan by entering the loan amount; as a new user, you should receive between N3,000 and N8,000. Apply now and verify the loan bank account.

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Step five:

The system uses AI to determine your loan eligibility; upon approval, the loan value will be credited to your linked bank account.

Conditions for using the facility on the Easemoni loan app:

You must be between the ages of 20 and 55 and a Nigerian.
A BVN (Bank Verification Number), as well as a bank ATM card and account number.

How to Pay Back an Easemoni Loan

You can repay your loan in four simple steps.

1. Through autopay:

You have authorized the payment to be deducted automatically on the due date under this arrangement. Check that your bank card balance is sufficient to settle the payment; if it is not, please repay the money manually on time.

2. App card reimbursement:

On the page, click “Repay” to make manual repayment in the following order: Select a bank card: To complete the repayment, you can use an existing card or link a new one under your bank card. Successful payment: If the bank card repayment is successful, the successful repayment page will be displayed.

3. Bank transfer to repay:

Under “Transfer,” select bank transfer and click Bank transfer to enter the page. Check your repayment account and make a bank transfer to your bank account.

4. USSD transfer to repay:

To enter the page, select USSD, then click “Transfer” and then USSD Transfer. Also see: How to Obtain a Student Loan in Nigeria. Repaying your loan on time can increase your credit limit for your next loan; however, if your loan is late, the result will be uploaded to the credit bureau, which may affect your next loan approval.


Based on our research, the Easemoni loan app appears to be the loan platform with the lowest interest rate in Nigeria at the time of writing this guide.

There are no strict rules to follow; being a Nigerian between the ages of 22 and 50, with a BVN, a bank account, an ATM card, and a good credit history is a recipe for approval.

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