Eric Chou and Dacie Chao Announce They’re Expecting A Baby

Eric Chou and Dacie Chao have announced that they are already expecting their first child. Lots of netizens have reacted to the announcement as lots of congratulatory messages keep dropping in.

Eric Chou recently revealed the amazing news in an Instagram post on March 30th. The Taiwanese singer-songwriter expressed his gratitude and excitement, calling himself the “luckiest guy in the world” and describing Dacie as his “amazing wife“. However, it remains unclear whether the couple has officially tied the knot, despite Eric’s reference to Dacie as his wife.


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Even with this, lots of netizens still know that Eric Chou and Dacie Chao have been in a romantic relationship for several years. Although it is unclear when they first started dating, the couple initially broke up in 2020 before rekindling their relationship the following year. In October 2020, Eric Chou and Dacie Chao announced their engagement via an Instagram post that featured Dacie wearing a ring.

While Eric referred to Dacie as his wife in his announcement about their upcoming child, it is unclear whether the couple has officially tied the knot yet. Despite the ambiguity surrounding their marital status, the couple has been known for keeping their relationship low-key and focusing on their respective careers.

According to Eric’s manager, the couple has decided to prioritize their careers and has not yet set a wedding date, with no plans for it to occur this year. Although, there have been lots of speculations concerning wether their first child would be a uniting factor for them, making them officially husband and wife.

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