Godfrey Gao Statue Unveiled On His Posthumous 38th Birthday

Popular Taiwanese-Canadian actor known as Godfrey Gao has finally received a wonderful statue of himself, 3 years after his death. The Godfrey Gao statue was built after his parents wanted to do so in remembrance of their lovely son.


Today (22nd of September, 2022) would have been Godfrey Gao’s 38th birthday if he was still alive. He unfortunately died back in 2019 while filming scenes for Chase Me, a sports reality television series. Godfrey’s parents revealed the statue alongside families and close friends.


The design, building and other things concerning the statue took two about years. The statue was supposed to be ready much earlier but due to COVID-19 and its pandemic, it had to be delayed. Godfrey’s parents actually came up with the idea of building the statue. According to them, they built it in order to honor him and also thank a lot of their son’s fans who have since been supportive to them.


Where Is The Godfrey Gao Statue

The Godfrey Gao statue can be seen and visited at his final resting place, the Jin Bao Shan memorial ground.

The Godfrey Gao Statue
The Godfrey Gao Statue

The exquisite statue was made to look perfectly like Godfrey Gao, it shows the actor in a suit playing basketball. A lot of people who knew and watched him can testify that Basketball was his favorite sport.


Godfrey’s best friend (James Mao) alongside his ex-business partner (James Lu), unveiled the beautiful statue. Blackie Chen was also present at the ceremony, he gave an admirable speech on behalf of all Godfrey’s friends.

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James Mao & James Lu Unveiling the Godfrey Gao statue
James Mao & James Lu Unveiling the Godfrey Gao statue

Godfrey Gao’s dad also spoke about his loving son, how caring and well-meaning he was. He also gave a brief story on some notable parts of Godfrey’s life while he was growing up. His Dad then ended the speech by thanking the actor for all he did while he was still alive. The ceremony ended with guests laying white roses at the foot of the statue, to show their respect.

After images of the Godfrey Gao statue went online, some of his fans wished the late actor a happy birthday. His last Instagram post is even filled with a lot of his fans, all wishing him a wonderful birthday wherever he his.

Godfrey Gao’s Death

For those still wanting to know how he unfortunately died, well, it was actually due to a cardiac arrest. The actor collapsed after filming for Chase Me for reportedly over 17 hours. After he collapsed, he was rushed to a hospital where attempts to resuscitate him came to no good after three hours.


Godfrey Gao was pronounced dead by his agency, JetStar Entertainment, on the Weibo social media platform. Godfrey’s mother requested for a Buddhist funeral ceremony to be held for her son, it was done on 15th of December, 2019.

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