How To Get FBS $140 Level Up Bonus – Trading Broker

Do you want to make money online but you have no idea on how to go about it? Here I have got you covered.

You can get $140 from FBS – Trading app for 40 days. The $140 is supposed to be for forex traders.

But, Don’t worry we will take you through every single step and give you the best signals.

All you have to do is to trade according to the signal given to you and manage your $140 with the risk management.

The $140 is a level up bonus and you can use it to trade and make profit. Please read the instructions carefully or else you will not get the $140.

What Is FBS – Trading app?

FBS – Trading Broker app is a personal trading app, it makes your trading more precise and effective. Manage all trades in one app.

Features Of  FBS Trading app

1. VPS Service

You can set up a free VPS to protect you from power shortage, you don’t have to be on your computer to control everything, all you have to do is to setup this free VPS  service and VPS will take care of risk. It will trade for you while you are offline.

2. Cashbacks

Apart from giving you the best trading experience they are also giving cashbacks, you can trade your favorite instrument and get cashbacks for every order.

3. Level Up Bonus

This is available for all new users, you can get a $140 level up bonus and trade with it. Guess what? You can withdraw your profit anytime you want to.

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How To Register On FBS – Trading App?

  • Open FBS and Register with your email and verify it with confirmation link, you will be taken to another page

after registration you need to complete KYC.

  • Click on “confirm phone number”
  • After confirming your phone number verify your identity

TIPS; use Voters card for faster verification, if you want to use your National ID card slip you should attach with picture of your date of birth.

Now go ahead and complete these.

  • Click on “Standard”
  • Set “MT4” as your trading platform
  • Turn off “Fix Rate” and choose USD as your

After completing the registration you need to level up your account.

How To Get $140 Level Up bonus?

  • Click on the promotion icon as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Click on “Level up bonus”
  • Connect your Facebook account and take a test.

check the screenshots below to see the answers of the test.


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