How To Manage a Mini-Importation Business In Nigeria

How To Manage a Mini-Importation Business In Nigeria

How To Manage a Mini-Importation Business In Nigeria

Mini importation business is one-way entrepreneurs can generate income and grow their businesses. Mini importation in Nigeria has increased due to entrepreneurs’ growing awareness of its lucrative potential. This increased recognition drew attention, capital, and resources to the business.

Imports have always boosted any country’s economy. It facilitates foreign exchange and trade, generating many transaction revenues. While importation is usually seen as large-scale transportation of goods from another country into Nigeria, technology has enabled the commercial industry to provide Mini-importation services where goods of medium and low scale are shipped into Nigeria from China, the USA, the UK, and other countries around the world.

As with many other businesses in Nigeria, learning the trade is one of the first steps for entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are willing to invest in this business despite knowing little about it. Mini importation may look similar to local businesses that have gone online, like Jumia, but placing orders in international stores is different despite some similarities. This article enlightens entrepreneurs on Mini-importation, the business, tips, etc. Explore this article to become a confident mini-importer.


Everyone is familiar with importation. It involves transporting goods from overseas to the U.S. after all transactions, documents, and requirements are met. Mini-importation is the import of small or medium-sized goods into Nigeria. Mini importation is a business centered on shipping goods at a lower price before reselling them at a higher price, earning profits.

While most entrepreneurs approach this business as a small or medium-sized enterprise, it’s also feasible for large-scale enterprises. This is why many entrepreneurs invest small when they could invest more. Most entrepreneurs start small with N20,000 but grow as they make more money. Some entrepreneurs have built their Mini-importation businesses into multimillion-dollar enterprises.

Starting a business with low capital allows everyone to invest. Today’s technology makes this easy.

Mini-importation requirements

Any business needs access or transaction tools. Mini-importation requires similar tools and equipment to execute transactions. Examples:

A personal computer (PC) or mobile phone is helpful when researching products to import, where to import from, and goods and services that will help you procure your products successfully. You can visit Alibaba, 1688, and other international stores on your laptop or phone. On these sites, you’ll find products, prices, reviews, and other details to help with your evaluation.

Without a fast internet connection, you can’t access these international sites. Most of these sites are large and require fast internet for fast loading, interaction, and transactions. Many entrepreneurs don’t know their business’s location.

This helps you find your business when a foreign order arrives. Entrepreneurs looking to join this business need a valid and accessible email address to register in international stores, track orders, and communicate with store owners/freight & forwarding companies.

Without startup capital, none of the above or the business itself will be possible (Money). Start-up capital varies. Most entrepreneurs start with low capital to learn the ropes before investing large sums. This is a good business strategy for beginners. Starters Mini-import.

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Each of the steps for a successful mini-importation business listed here has been carefully prepared to maximize your investment. These steps will increase your chances of business success. These steps will help you start a mini-import business.

Business Registration

Most Nigerian entrepreneurs see registering their businesses with the government as a waste of time due to the poor structure and mistrust.

However, registering your business will help confirm your credibility to potential customers. Customers can report any irregularities to the appropriate authorities, giving them peace of mind.

As long as you’re not scamming people, registering with the CAC is a good idea. It has many benefits, including government intervention if you need a loan to boost your business.

Cheap, Reliable Import Portal

As an entrepreneur entering the importation business, you should look for international stores and websites that sell cheap, high-quality products. This is important so you can make big profits without selling bad products and damaging your business’s reputation.

Selecting websites with expensive goods and services will hurt your profit and could lead to losses. You must consider site prices and shipping costs. Before doing business with a site, make sure it meets your needs by reading reviews, ratings, etc.

Existing business owners recommend many websites, most of which have 4+ star ratings and a 90% approval rating. Alibaba, 1688, Aliexpress, and others are international sites. Beware of fake sites that mirror real ones. This prevents scams.

Products Source

After finding a store or website that meets your price, quality, and credibility needs, you can register. After registering, browse the site’s products. Different stores may sell the same items at different prices. The variety of products on these sites can be overwhelming.

Entrepreneurs should choose a proctor based on their target market’s needs. Trending products are what your target market and customers want. You can research fast-selling products and place orders on your chosen platform.

You can also do research based on a specific geographical area, doing a demographic analysis for products consumed in your region. Fashion items like Shoes, Bags, Wrist Watches, And Clothing;

Gadgets like Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Bracelet Wireless Headset, Toilet Led Light, Wireless Earpod, Super Bright Led Torch Light, Warm and Cooling Cup Holder, Wireless Phone Charger, Mobile Phone HD Projector Bracket, Waterproof case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, Flash Drive, Selfie Stick and so on. Waist Trainers, Slim Tea, Body Shapers, etc. are also popular in Nigeria.


After selecting products to buy, pay for them. Technology and e-commerce have made online business transactions easy, allowing instant payment. From your home, shop, or store, you can easily order goods and make payments to stores in China, the USA, and the UK using your credit card.

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Your suppliers determine which payment gateway you must use. Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Alipay, etc. are payment gateways.

Entrepreneurs who fear losing money to scammers who won’t send products after payment should know that these online stores have credibility measures in place. Buyer Protection Act and Escrow help buyers avoid losing money.

This ensures buyers pay the website first. The supplier won’t get paid until you confirm receipt of the goods. If you confirm, the supplier will be paid; otherwise, the website will assume you never received the product. After filling out the ‘Dispute Form’ if you don’t receive the ordered products, you’ll be refunded.

Logistics companies also accept payment for goods. Entrepreneurs must place orders through a logistics company with agents in the importing country. These agents will order products from the logistics company and ship them to Nigeria.

These companies charge for shipping and provide rates before starting. These fees are usually based on the weight of imports. Once in Nigeria, you can claim your products at their offices. Your goods will arrive in 2-3 days, a week or two later. You’ll pay more for faster delivery.


When entrepreneurs order directly from an online store, the store handles delivery. Depending on how quickly you need the products, this delivery service may be free or paid. Most online stores offer three delivery methods. Them:

Shipment free

This is the best option for importation business entrepreneurs with time to wait. Entrepreneurs use this method to eliminate shipping costs and maximize profits. Since products are delivered 29-30 days after a successful order, entrepreneurs place orders ahead of time. After the products arrive, you must pick them up from China Post Air Mail/Parcel or Hong Kong Mail services.

Delivery Upgrade

Premium delivery is faster, but entrepreneurs must pay a token. Ordered goods arrive in 2-7 days. DHL, FedEx, and EMS provide premium delivery services. This order’s status can be easily tracked.

Product promotion

After the goods ordered from these online international stores are picked up or arrive at your stores, advertise them to increase public and customer exposure. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are effective advertising mediums. Maximize your business’s advertising potential. Social media marketing can help you reach a wider audience with your ads.

You could also pay people who refer customers to buy your products. This payment encourages referrals, which boosts long-term sales.


Mini-importation was never easier. Technology has helped speed up international commercial transactions, which were difficult. Entrepreneurs can profit greatly from this business.

Despite the number of people in this business, entrepreneurs should remember that the sky is big enough for everyone. If you buy high-demand products in Nigeria and follow this article’s steps, you’ll be successful.

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