How To Rollover Unused Data On Glo

Today will I look forward to how to roll over unused data on Glo so don’t hurry this post will teach you how to do it and make it easy for you to understand. just continue reading.

Sometimes you subscribe to a data plan and you won’t be able to finish before the dateline and you have no choice rather leave it to expire.

Don’t worry about it, you can roll over your unused data on Glo for the next subscription month before the date of the expiry date of the data. continue reading this post will share more light on how to roll over your unused data.

How To o Rollover Unused Data On Glo

You will be able to roll over your unused internet data if you have not reached the maximum date of your current data bundle or before the expired date of your current internet data bundle but unfortunately you will not be able to rollover your unused data when your current bundle reaches the expired date.

For example, if you subscribe to an internet data bundle for about N1500 for a month and you are not able to finish it, so you can’t lose it by subscribing to another N1500 for the next month so you roll over your current data bundle.


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Conclusion- How to rollover unused data on Glo

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