How To Share Data On The Glo Network

When using the Glo network, did you know that you may send and receive data? No! Now, I’m going to show you how to share data on the Glo Network, how to unshare numbers on Glo data sharing, and how to verify Glo share numbers, and I’m confident that these tutorials and suggestions will be of great use to all of you, but especially Glo network users.

In my previous article, I discussed how to check your Glo data balance and bonus data balance; however, today, I’m going to give you some advice on how to share your Glo data plan with your friends, coworkers, family, and loved ones rather than purchasing separate data plans.

Who Are Globacom Nigeria?

Globacom Nigeria also referred to as Glo, is a multinational telecommunications business based in Nigeria that was established on August 29, 2003, by Mike Adenuga. It is one of the top three network operators in Nigeria, according to studies.

Data Sharing Procedures on Globacom Nigeria

You can share your Glo data balance in 3 different ways: online, by text message, and via USSD.

How to Use USSD to Share Data on the Glo Network

On the Glo network, you can only share your data plan with a maximum of five individuals. Quickly used these techniques:

Simply enter *127*your friend’s number*01# on your contact icon.
For instance, dial *127*0 9042678901*01# and send if you want this number 09042678901 to use your data.
Just that. You should feel free to surf now that you’ve successfully shared your data plan with your buddies.
* If someone offends you, you may want to prevent them from utilizing your data.

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How to Remove Numbers from Glo Data Sharing Using the USSD Code

Follow these steps to remove/delete a number from Glo data sharing:

dial *127*02*your friend’s number.
In other words, dial *127*09042547632# to erase 09042547632.

How to Send Data Over the Glo Network Using Text

Using the text way to share data over the Glo network is just as simple as using the USSD code; just follow these steps quickly:

Click “create a message” after finding your message icon.
Send the phrase “Share buddy number>” via SMS to the number 127.
For instance, dial 09041234444 if you wish to share your Glo data.
Send the word Share to 127 via SMS at 09041234444.

*What to do if someone irritates you and you want to prevent them from using your data.

How to Remove/Delete a Number from a Glo Data Sharing Text Message

To remove a number from Glo data sharing, follow these steps.

Click “create a message” after finding your message icon.
Send the word “Remove number” by SMS to the number 127.
For instance, change 09024653989 to 127.
You’ve successfully removed a number from Glo data sharing, so kudos to you.

How to Use Glo Cafe to Share/Transfer Data on the Glo Network

To exchange or transfer your data on the Glo Network via the Glo Cafe Click this.

How to Verify Glo Share Numbers
There are essentially two ways to check whether the numbers of your pals are on your Glo sharing list or not: USSD code and text.

How to Use the USSD Code to Check Glo Data Share Numbers

On your phone, look for the contact icon.
Send by entering *127*00#.
You’ll see a list of the numbers on your screen.

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How To Text To Check Glo Share Data Numbers

On your phone, find the “create a message” button under the message symbol.
Send the word “List” to 127 through SMS.
Watch as the display on your phone appears.

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