How to Use USSD & Text to Check 9mobile

The new brand 9mobile was selected in light of the network’s historical development as well as the embedded 090 9ja brand from Etisalat.

The best way to monitor your data usage and prevent or avoid embarrassment is to frequently check your Etisalat (9mobile) data balance via USSD Code and text. For example, when streaming videos on YouTube, downloading movies/apps/videos, interacting on social media, or even watching a live football game, all of a sudden, a pop-up notification message from Etisalat (9mobile) will appear on your mobile phone screen, reminding you that you have exhausted all of your data. What a tragedy.

Please try to always keep check of your Etisalat data balance in order to prevent it. One of the greatest, if not the best, telecommunications service providers with a lightning-fast Internet connection is 9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat.

The two main ways to check your Etisalat data balance are via SMS and USSD code. There are also instructions on how to check your Etisalat bonus data balance.

How to use the USSD Code to check 9mobile data balance

To check your data balance, dial *228# and press the send button. A text message will be delivered to you right away with information on your data balance and its expiration date. The best and simplest way to check your data balance is to use this USSD code.

How to use text to check your Etisalat (9mobile) data balance

Simply SMS the word “INFO” to 228 by selecting the “message icon” on your phone and then clicking “compose or create a message.” A message including information about your data balance and its expiration date should arrive soon.

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How to view your remaining bonus data on 9mobile

You can see your entire data balance as well as the expiration date by quickly dialing the aforementioned USSD Code *228# and sending it.

I hope you found this post on how to check your 9mobile data balance to be very helpful. Please advise your fellow 9mobile customers of this exclusive information.

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