Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Mark Drelich

BBCAN Mark Drelich

Talk about the one with a well mapped out plan to make it in a competition against individuals from different homes and backgrounds, family and homes. Mark Drelich appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show season 7 in 2019 all prepared to win the game. Did he eventually win? Let’s find out. 

When Mark Drelich appeared on the BBCAN show in 2019?, he was a 29 years old Travel Guide from Edmonton, AB. Mark was single 

At his pre-show interview, Mark revealed a lot about his background, home and his unique personality. 

Mark Drelich is attached to a deck of cards. He mentioned that a deck of cards is the only thing he wished he could be allowed to bring on to the show. Mark believes one can never get bored with a deck of cards. Mark Drelich describes himself as an energetic, rebellious and nerdy person. Mark explained that he is the rebellious son in his family. This is because he came from a religious home but nonetheless he still chose a path different from his family’s path. He revealed that this is one of the problems he will be having after the show because he believes there are times when he will do some things that are contrary to his family’s religious belief and this might be hard for him to manage the situation post show. 

Mark Drelich BBCAN icon remains BBCAN Kevin Martin from both his seasons. Mark finds Kevin Martin energetic, fun and level-headed. He admires the way Kevin Martin carries himself, his approach to life and his general Persona. 

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Mark Drelich went onto the show with a strategy which he named “The Three Stage Strategy”.The first stage of this strategy will see Mark forming a very strong alliance at first entry but will make sure he never wins any Head of Household, HOH nor Power of Veto, POV competitions, at this period he will be fully aware of the Comp beasts in the house. At the second stage which will be in the middle weeks, he will evict both the Comp Beasts and the players who have very good chances at making it to the end. At the third stage which is the final stage, Mark will begin to turn on his rides or dies, sabotage every friendship made and begin to win as much Head of Household, HOH and Power of Veto, POV as he can win until he makes it to the end. 

Mark Drelich did his best on the show. He got a nickname, Marky Mark Mario. He was a member of if not the foremost Alliance, it will be one of, Pretty Boys Alliance. His allies were Cory Kennedy, Adam Pike, Dane Rupert and Anthony Douglas. Mark Drelich had 1 Head of Household, HOH win but he had no Power of Veto, POV win. Throughout his stay on the show, Mark Drelich had block nominations three times which the third nomination was what saw to his eviction from the show. Mark Drelich finished from the show 5th place and he left on the 62nd day.  

Mark went on from the show to own a BBCAN Podcast channel where he discussed BBCAN. He is currently an evening show host on 99.9 Virgin Radio Kelowna. Mark resides in Kelowna and he is very active on Instagram and his YouTube Channels.

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