Tips on Starting a Liquid Soap Making Business in Nigeria

Tips on Starting a Soap Making Business in Nigeria

At one point in history, soap-making and mass production were both out of the question. Either the chemicals were too expensive or they weren’t in the country, and people were led to believe making liquid soap was expensive and industrial.

Today, anyone with the right materials can make soap anywhere. It can be made at home without much stress. People are always eager to learn how to make liquid soap.

Liquid Soap, as the name implies, is a chemical-and-water mixture. As I said, you can do it easily from home. Soap has many uses after production. Soap can be used for laundry, dishes, and handwashing. Washing machines now accept liquid soap, which is interesting. In Nigeria, liquid soap is common. It’s almost a household essential.

Liquid soap making is easy. It’s low-stress and can be done in 30 minutes or less. The process is easy and the chemicals aren’t concentrated enough to have serious effects on the body, but soap makers should always wear gloves and nose masks to protect themselves from the smell.

This requires protective gear. Making liquid soap involves other steps. In the next subheads, I’ll discuss starting a liquid soap business in Nigeria and factors to consider before or while in business.


Always do your own research, no matter what someone says about a business’s success or profitability. The research costs nothing but time, which will be well spent when the business starts bringing in profits. Since you’ve never been involved in the business, it’s important to do a thorough investigation. Research won’t hurt.

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The research should tell you what to expect and the challenges ahead. The internet will help this business learn about liquid soap making and its processes.

YouTube has videos on how to mix chemicals, the recommended chemicals to get, how to know when the soap is ready, and how all the processes lead to the final finished liquid soap ready for sale. There are many videos to watch for clarity and assurance.

There are business experts, so consult them for reliable information. During the research, note even the smallest details and focus on business survival. Business research is crucial.


Step depends on production capacity. Large or small quantities are possible. Its production requires a large mixing container, a stirring stick, and retail bottles. These materials are easily found in stores, and if you’re doing it at home, you may already have them. If so, get them once. One of the business’s pros. The needed materials are household items you may already have.

Then get chemicals. As I said earlier, mixing chemicals with water makes soap. Chemicals are used. They’re branded and sellable. Chemicals are sometimes labeled in stores. Each chemical’s steps into the water are numbered. Large-scale producers may need to identify chemicals. Caustic soda, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Antisol and Nitrosol, Sodium Carbonate, SodiumTripolyphosphate, colorant, and fragrance are used. Chemicals are measured and added by business scale. They’re easy to find and cheap.

Business registration

You’ve decided to start a business or finished production, so registering is next. It’s almost as important as your business plan. Not registering could waste your time. Learn the registration authorities and register.

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You probably found a few responsible agencies during your research, so finding them should be easy. Also, don’t deal with agents or ask anyone to help you; do it yourself to avoid issues where agents fail to register you or the person is a “scammer.”

Trustworthy business registration agencies can also help you register your business. They’re reliable and will help you register easily.


Then comes product sales. Two branding options are available. One way is to attach a business card to similar bottles. The business card-like design will have the producer’s contact information. No branding is another option. Yes, it means putting soap in bottles and selling it without any packaging or similar bottles. This is common among small business owners.

First, brand your soap. Your contact info is there so customers can call and tell friends. Visiting markets with product samples is another method. Social media is rare.

This is an easy business to start, so competition is high. Individuals must now find ways to stand out. The business will be profitable if you follow the steps, make good soap, and beat the competition.

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