Why Whitemoney May Win BBNaija 2021 Edition

Whitemoney Bbnaija 2021: Does he have the status and intelligence to come out as the winner of this edition? Let’s find out.

As most of us do know, Hazel Oyeze Onou a.k.a Whitemoney is one of the male housemates of BBNaija Season 6 (Shine ya eyes) which is still on air currently. The reality TV show has brought quite a lot of people into limelight since it’s start but since we don’t know who the winner of 2021 edition is going to be, let’s talk about one of the probable winners.


I’m sure you may be wondering why Whitemoney is part of these probable winners but just before you jump into conclusions, let’s discuss about who Whitemoney is and other things related to him.

Who Is Whitemoney?

Hazel Oyeze Onou, a.k.a Whitemoney is actually a businessman, he has a diversified business ideology and he stated something concerning this at the Big Brother Naija house. He has engaged himself in several and different types of occupations but right now, people know him as an individual who deals with shoes and other footwears.

Where Is Whitemoney From?

Although, Whitemoney is fluent with three of the most-spoken languages in Nigeria (i.e Igbo, yoruba and hausa), he is actually from the East, precisely Enugu State. Just a single stare at him should give you the image of someone who is proud of where he comes from and would do anything to not let his people down.

How Old Is Whitemoney?

Whitemoney is currently 29 years old and he was given birth to on the 6th of July, 1992. Even at 29, he has been through a lot and has done different kinds of jobs to keep himself moving. In his own words, “I’ve done photography, fixed tiger generators, and fixed telecommunications mast; all because of the hustle and bustle”.

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Whitemoney Bbnaija 2021: Why He May Win This Edition?


For those of you that have been following up with what has been going on with the BBNaija show, you should have known by now that Whitemoney is already for the people. More and more people are beginning to love him and see him as someone who has come all the way to the Big Brother’s house, to get what he wants. Unfortunately, he was selected for eviction by Maria, another housemate who Whitemoney was very close to until he realized that she was a wildcard.

Do you think Whitemoney would win the BBNaija TV show for this year?

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