4 Marvel Villains From The Comic Books That We Want To See In Future MCU Movies

“Which Marvel comic book character do you want to see in the MCU movies?” – If you ask any Marvel comic book lover the above question, you would notice that there are tons of villains, heroes and side characters that fans want to see in live-action. In this article, we shall be looking at 4 Marvel villains from comic books that we want to see in future MCU movies.

Most of these characters have their own comic books centered around them, having little eventful or subtle parts of their lives as the focus of the storyline. Assembling those little pieces cut out of the character’s storyline is something that fans find a bit hard and this is why most of them resort to seeking for live-action movies that depicts comic-like attributes that the audience would love to see.

Why Marvel Villains From Comic Books?

Now, let’s move on to villains in the Marvel Universe, most of them have rough and untidy background stories which may even make it hard for a live-action portrayal but nevertheless, it’s what the fans want. There are lots of Marvel villains that are of much potential than some of the heroes. Imagine going to the theaters to see a live-action depiction of villains like Knull, Red Hulk or even Mephisto, the villain we all thought was going to make an appearance in the WandaVison miniseries.

In this article we shall be looking at 4 Marvel villains from the comic books that we want to see in future MCU movies.

1. Galactus

In Marvel’s 2007 movie known as Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, most fans were not comfortable with the depiction of Galactus and even critics pointed out that the movie producers could have done better with that aspect. Yes, we know that Galactus is a cosmic entity but that doesn’t mean its appearance in the Fantastic 4 movie is justifiable. Marvel comic book fans have an idea of what it looks like and it’s barely close to what the movie showed us.

Galactus is known for moving through several galaxies, devouring planets for reasons which most of us do not know of and this is actually one out of his many common feats that fans would love to see in the MCU. What would be definitely exciting is if we eventually see a fierce battle in the MCU between Galactus and someone like Thor, Sentry or even his herald whom we all know as the Silver Surfer.

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2. Kang The Conqueror

If there is any villain we expect to see in the upcoming Loki season two series, it is definitely Kang The Conqueror since we have all heard him explain how everything will unfold after his death in the first Season finale. If you watched the ending of Loki, Season 1 then you should by now know that the character known as He Who Remains is like an heroic variant of Nathaniel Richards. He is actually the first out of his variants to crossover to alternate universes but unfortunately, he found out that a particular variant of himself known as Kang The Conqueror was up to no good at all.

Kang The Conqueror and some other variants brought chaos but the good news is Nathaniel Richards was able to take care of everything with the use of Alioth and the TVA (Time Variance Authority). 

The bad news is something we’ve had a little peak of in the final episode of Loki Season one, as we all saw that He Who Remains got killed by a Loki Variant called Sylvie. Now all we have to do is just wait for Kang The Conqueror to come back with the Chaos that He Who Remains tried to subdue.

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3. Red Hulk

We have seen him in several Marvel comic books and also cartoons and if you paid proper attention to his character, you would notice that there are actually some noticeable differences between him and the regular Hulk we know. It is already a known fact that anger is the main thing that drives the incredible Hulk and it is also what makes him stronger but this is not the same for the Red Hulk. The incredible hulk becomes stronger every time he gets angrier but any moment the Red Hulk gets angrier, his body begins to emit increasing heat especially when he is also absorbing radiation.

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Just as we know that Bruce Banner is the host for the incredible hulk, it is also worthy to note that General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is the host for the Red Hulk and we have seen him in some MCU movies. Many fans have been waiting for a live-action portrayal of the Red Hulk and most of them already loved William Hurt’s portrayal of Thunderbolt Ross but it’s just unfortunate to know that some weeks back, he passed on. 

What we do know is that the upcoming She-Hulk series would definitely throw some light on the Red Hulk and some other versions of Hulk but what we don’t know for now is the actor Marvel would choose for Red Hulk in future MCU movies.

4. The Leader

If you’ve read any of the Hulk’s comic books, you would notice that this character is one that would be perfect as the main villain or antagonist if Marvel eventually decides to make a standalone movie of the MCU’s incredible hulk. Leader has dealt with the Hulk and other heroes several times and because of this his maniac-like character, many Marvel fans want to see a live-action adaption of him.

The Leader is known for his extraordinary intelligence, trickery, telepathy, telekinetic abilities and even the power to manipulate Gamma radiation. This is because just like the incredible Hulk, Samuel Sterns (The Leader before he became who he is now) was exposed to a lethal amount of Gamma Radiation and he surprisingly survived after. 

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The 4 villainous Marvel characters listed above are just a handful out of many other comic book characters like them but for some while now, they have been the most wanted out of comic book characters that fans want to see in future MCU movies.

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