Top Canadian YouTubers 2022, Their Net Worth and How Much They Make

YouTube in Canada has been on the rise and since it’s starting point, there have been lots of successful content creators from there. This article highlights some of the Top Canadian YouTubers for 2022.

Firstly, If we check the statistics, we would notice that there lots of various content creators from Canada that are now successful because of their unique contents. Ranging from the gaming niche to DIYs, the YouTube space in Canada has always been filled with determined creators and they are well-known for delivering interesting videos in their own niches.

Most of these top Canadian YouTubers started from a very small stage but looking at what they’ve become now, we can all say their determination and resilience paid off. YouTube in Canada receives millions of visitors and users every month and coupled with that, is the fact that about 30 percentage of them are content creators. Out of this surprisingly large percentage, only a handful of them have turned out to be successful after being part of the the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which allows content creators to monetize their uploaded videos on YouTube.

Monetizing uploaded videos has allowed most of these top Canadian YouTubers to make mouthwatering amount of money every year, expanding their name and wealth to other parts of the world. In this article, we would be looking into these top Canadian YouTubers, their 2022 net worth and how much they make.

1. VanossGaming

Image Source: VanossGaming, YouTube.

The first on this list is actually Evang Fong a.k.a. VanossGaming. Most of his videos are related to gaming, he also does commentary on video games. It’s important to know that he’s also a music producer and DJ. He started from uploading music remix videos before he then moved on to the gaming category of YouTube, focusing more on contents related to Call Of Duty games.

After then, VanossGaming rose the top and is also part of the best YouTube channels in the gaming 

Currently, VanossGaming has over 1000 uploaded videos on his YouTube channel which has up to 25.6 million subscribers and 14 billion total views.

VanossGaming Net Worth 2022

As we mentioned earlier, Evang Fong is actually the person behind VanossGaming YouTube channel and based on estimations, his net worth for 2021 should be around $25 million.

How Much VanossGaming Makes

Although, we do not have precise numbers concerning how much he makes, we do know that VanossGaming should be making about $60k per month and that should be over $700k per year.

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2. Unbox Therapy

Image source: Unbox Therapy, YouTube.

Coming second on the list of top Canadian YouTubers is Lewis George Hilsenteger, the main man behind Unbox Therapy YouTube channel and he’s one of the well-known personalities dealing with tech reviews and unboxing in YouTube. His unique videos garner lots of viewers interested in detailed information concerning a particular tech even before their release.

The tech niche in YouTube has actually been very helpful and full of interesting contents for watchers around the world and over the years, YouTube channels like Unbox Therapy has been helping with unique tech-related videos.

Currently, Unbox Therapy has over 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel which has almost 2000 uploaded videos on it, with over 4 billion total views. It is also important to know that Unbox Therapy started out with both Lewis and his friend named Jack McCann, who is a professional videographer.

Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2022

Unbox Therapy is just like a group and their estimated is about $35 million as for the year, 2021.

How Much Unbox Therapy Makes

According to several calculations and estimations, Unbox Therapy earns about $2.8 million per year, which should be over $200k per month.

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3. Lilly Singh

Image Source: Lilly Singh, YouTube.

 Third on this list is Lilly Singh, a female Canadian who is well-known for her unique type of comedy. When it comes to comedy, YouTube always recommends people like Lilly to watchers because of her interesting comedic contents.

Lilly Singh started out on YouTube in 2010, as “superwoman” which was her username on for a long time.

Her YouTube channel currently has over 800 uploaded videos with over 3 billion total views and a huge fan base of about 14.7 million subscribers.

Lilly Singh Net Worth 2022

Based on several reliable estimations and calculations, Lilly Singh Net Worth for 2021 should be around $25 million.

How Much Lilly Singh Makes

For those asking questions like “how is Lilly Singh so rich?“, you should note that just six years after she started uploading videos on YouTube, Forbes recognized her as the third highest paid YouTubers in the world.

She reportedly earned a whopping amount of $7.5 million in 2016, then in 2017, she earned about $10.5 million dollars. Her earnings per year is around $10 million, giving her about $800k per month.

4. AzzyLand

Image Source: AzzyLand Instagram.

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Making commentaries, reviews and reactions about other interesting videos has been a special thing on YouTube. Even to the extent that it’s now another niche that draws the attention of watchers.

This is what YouTube channels like AzzyLand are now focused on. Lots of content creators earn big by just making reactions to other people’s videos (with their permission, of course).

AzzyLand is owned by a Canadian and she actually started out on YouTube by making videos about her cosplays. She then moved on to create contents related to gaming and vlogging.

Currently, AzzyLand has over 1000 uploaded videos on her channel with over 13 million subscribers and 6 billion total views.

AzzyLand Real Name, Age and Boyfriend

AzzyLand’s real name is actually Azra Bajrami. She is 30 years old while her boyfriends name is said to be Jordi van Ben Bussche.

AzzyLand Net Worth 2022

AzzyLand net worth should be between the mouthwatering amount of $10 million to about $13 million.

How Much AzzyLand Makes

Her channel generates an estimate revenue of about $9 million per year, which should be about $750k per month.

5. Linus Tech Tips

Image Source: Linus Tech Tips, YouTube.

Just like we said earlier, the tech niche in YouTube is actually one of the largest. There are also lots of YouTubers that are well-known for their unique contents that are tech-related.

Linus Gabriel Sebastian, is part of the unique content creators that have been leading the tech category in the YouTube space.

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is the CEO of Linus Media Group and he is also in charge of other successful YouTube channels like ShortCircuit, TechLinked, Techquickie and others.

He currently has over 5000 uploaded videos on his biggest YouTube channel which is actually Linus Tech Tips (LTT). It’s also important to note that his channels have a total amount of over 20 million subscribers and billions of views.

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth 2022

According to estimations and calculations, Linus Tech Tips net worth in 2021 is recorded to be about $35 million.

How Much Linus Tech Tips Makes

Linus Tech Tips generates an estimated revenue of about $13 million per year, earning he and his group over $1 million per month.

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These individuals above are just 5 out of the top Canadian YouTubers for 2021 and this should give you an idea of just how much successful YouTubers we have in Canada alone.

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