Aarif Rahman’s Marriage: The Hong Kong Star Finally Ties The Knot

Aarif Rahman, the Hong Kong singer-actor of Arab, Malay and Chinese heritage, has recently revealed that he got married a few months ago to his non-celebrity wife who is five years younger than him. Aarif Rahman’s marriage revelation comes in just days after he and his mum were spotted with a woman who reportedly looked like Moka Fang.

At a media event on Tuesday, Aarif clarified that the lady who netizens misidentified, was actually his wife’s good friend. Even with a wedding ring that could be clearly seen on his ring finger, Aarif decided to talk more on the speculations and rumors. The superstar revealed that he tied the knot with his wife overseas after dating for a few years.

He also stated that he wanted to keep his marriage low-profile but felt the need to react to rumors of him having a new girlfriend. Despite being of mixed parentage like himself, Aarif declined to comment on whether his wife has returned to Hong Kong with him adding that that he and his wife do not plan to have children yet.

Aarif, known for his resemblance to Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom, has acted in several movies and dramas, including Echoes Of The Rainbow and The Empress Of China. He was previously linked to Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

The two worked together in the Chinese period drama The Empress Of China and the Chinese movie One Night Surprise. The rumors of their relationship were fueled by their on-screen chemistry, but both of them denied being in a romantic relationship.

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In 2015, Fan Bingbing confirmed her relationship with Chinese actor Li Chen, which put an end to the rumors of her being with Aarif. Even with Aarif Rahman’s marriage now in the limelight, some netizens out there are still talking about his past non-existent relationship with Fan Bingbing.

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