Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong Together? Fans Ask Over Tse’s Ski Photos

Some months back, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong became an interesting topic for netizens. This was just after lots of rumors online about the two of them breaking up.

It became a trending issue after Faye Wong was photographed looking sad and netizens thought she was in tears. Immediately, the photo began to make rounds on the internet and lots of people assumed that she and Nicholas had broken up. To some, this was an interesting issue while to others, it just felt like something they’ve seen before.

This is actually not surprising since, Nicholas and Faye have one of the most clamorous relationships in the entertainment industry. This amazing duo started dating way back in 2000. Lots of people didn’t know about their relationship until they were spotted holding hands while leaving Tony Leung’s celebration party for winning Cannes best actor.

About two years after (2002), Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong went their separate ways unfortunately. Nicholas also got back together with Cecilia Cheung, a successful Hong Kong actress and cantopop singer. On the other hand, Faye Wong went on to date Li Yapeng who is a former talented Chinese actor. Both stars later married their respective partners and also had kids.

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong Back Together

Nicholas and Wong got back together in 2014, after both of them divorced their partners in 2011 and 2013 respectively. However, this lovely duo have been trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye. This has made it hard for netizens to know what’s up between the two of them. Although, there have been reports concerning sighting Nicholas and Wong at Haneda airport in Tokyo.

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Breakup rumours and lots of other speculations has been frequent when it comes to their relationship, despite their efforts to keep their relationship on the low. Fortunately for fans and netizens, Nicholas has been recently posting pics of his ski trip in Japan. In one of those pictures, he’s seen sitting enjoying a sandwich while sitting on the snow.

“I’m hungry from skiing, [so] I’ll have a meal in the snow,” – Nicholas wrote.

Nicholas looked all joyed up in the photo but netizens couldn’t help but notice the reflection on his visor. Lots of people zoomed into the photo and that was how lots of speculations about Faye Wong being in the reflection, began. Some individuals have also debunked the idea of Faye Wong being in the reflection as most of them suggested that it could’ve been Nicholas’ assistant.

Nicholas Tse Ski Photos
Nicholas Tse Ski Photos

If you ask us, we actually cannot tell if that person in the reflection is Faye Wong or not. A much more clear image would be needed before we can say if that’s her or not. So, for now, it would be advisable to keep your speculations low because Nicholas might’ve just wanted to show off his delicious sandwich.

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