Actor Wong Cho Lam Makes Huge Profit Selling His HK Apartment

Popular Hong Kong entertainer, Wong Cho Lam will be walking to the bank this month with a pocket filled with cash. The actor, TV and radio host just sold one of his apartments in Hong Kong and the sale alone has garnered him a over 1 million U.S dollars in profit.


The Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) star has reportedly traded a residential property he owned in the Mayfair By The Sea development. Back in 2015, Cho Lam got a hold of eight top floor units in the area in his wife’s name, Leanne Li. The area is actually located at the Providence Peak, Tai Po district, a place Cho Lam has always loved and cherished.


The development was actually completed back in 2012 and it held 1,250 wonderful apartments. The area also has a nearby underground shopping mall with an expansive 50,000+ square-foot. There are also lots of other cafes, restaurants and supermarket around, all ready for the needs of residents.


In an episode of the reality show called Mr. Housework, Wong Cho Lam and his wife showed of their impressive apartment.


How Much Wong Cho Lam Sold His HK Apartment

It has been about 7 years since he made this wonderful purchase. Now, he has made over a mouth-watering 1 million USD profit. According to 8days, Cho Lam acquired a 1575sqm apartment there for HK$37 million (4.7 million USD) in 2015. Now that he has successfully sold it, for a reasonable percentage increase in price, he definitely made a good decision.


Cho Lam sold the unit for HK$45.8 million (5.7 million USD). The unit has four bedrooms and it even comes with its own 862sqm lovely garden.

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Wong Cho Lam apartment
Wong Cho Lam apartment

Reports also state that Wong Cho Lam’ uncle had also benefited from a similar kind of sale. Sin Kwok Lam, a well-known producer, bought a 3571sqm apartment in Hong Kong. He bought the awesome apartment back in 2016 for HK$73.6 million (9.3 million USD). He recently sold that same apartment for HK$92.8 million (11.8 million USD). That is definitely a huge amount of profit one can get in this recent times.


The Hong Kong celebrity, Cho Lam’ and his family definitely know how to go about real estate business.

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