Alan Tam at 72 – Netizens Gush Over His Good Looks

Ageing is something that quite a few people see as a blessing, this and many other reasons are why most people who have aged like fine wine would always be praised. Just recently Cantopop star, Alan Tam, shared a picture of him and fans just can’t stop trooping into his comments to appreciate his good looks. Alan Tam at 72 is definitely a blessing unto he and his fans also.


Alan Tam who is a Hong Kong singer and actor, has always been a massive contribution towards Cantonese pop music (a.k.a. H-K pop music) since the 1980s. Tam actually started out with a band called “The Wynners” (溫拿樂隊) with his friends and since then, the superstar has been leading atop in several entertainment developments.


From the year 1981 to 1988, Alan Tam easily won a top 10 song award every year and if this does not make you see this as an impressive feat from this entertainment star, then I do not know what else would. Tam also won the Best Actor award at the Golden Horse Awards back in 1981 for his role in If I Were for Real.


He also starred in Armour of God, an Hong Kong action adventure comedy film released back in 1986. Tam worked with co-stars like Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Lola Forner, Rosamund Kwan, Ken Boyle, John Ladalski and many others.


With all of his dedication and years of hard work in the entertainment industry, one would think that Alan Tam at 72 would be all worn out and old-looking but the pop star is still as fresh as a babe.

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Why is Everyone Unto Alan Tam at 72?

Recently, Alan Tam met his fellow star, Chow Yun Fat, who is well-known and respected as an Hong Kong film legend. The two met by chance and Tam decided to take a selfie and share it with his fans, little did he know that most of them would actually be gushing over his (Tam) looks.

Alan Tam and Chow Yun Fat
Alan Tam, Weibo.

In the comments section of his recent post, netizens decided to praise him for how young he looks, some even talked about how he sometimes even looks better than his junior pals. Alan Tam in the post, actually praised Chow Yun Fat, stating that he is in good spirits and in a very good shape. In his words:

“I met an old friend, who’s indifferent to fame, on the streets a few days ago… international superstar Chow Yun Fat. He’s in good spirits and in very good shape. He’s worth learning from,”

Despite all the comments gushing over Tam’s good looks we can still say that Chow Yun Fat himself is also still looking fresh for his age, the two superstars have aged well.

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