Jungle Cruise 2 – Producers Reveal They’re Optimistic About The Sequel

Renowned Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson, is in for a Jungle Cruise 2 movie and the producers of the first one are confident about it. “Another movie with Dwayne in the jungle?”, we know this would be the reaction of some netizens but if you’re an Adventure movie lover, this is big news.

Back in 2015, there were reports about Walt Disney Pictures wanting to make the Jungle Cruise movie with Dwayne Johnson. Two years later, he announced that he would be co-producing the movie and it got lots of his fans excited. Jump to 2018, they began filming for the movie in Hawaii at a port town (Kapaia Reservoir) which took months to set up. On September 14, they wrapped up filming for the movie and many movie lovers couldn’t wait to see the results.

In 30th of July 2021, Jungle Cruise graced the cinema screens and people trooped in to see the wonderful movie. It got mixed reactions and some people were unto the idea that it’s just Pirate of the Caribbean but with Dwayne Johnson. Other people praised Emily Blunt, Dwayne’s colleague, for an impeccable chemistry with him in the movie.

The movie raked in over 220 million USD worldwide, with over 116 million USD at the domestic box office. Jungle Cruise currently sits at a rating of 6.6/10 on IMDb and 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a whopping 92% audience score on the latter platform. This alone shows that most of its viewers loved every bit of it and they are waiting for a sequel. Although there haven’t been much updates on Jungle Cruise 2 since Disney announced it, producers are optimistic for it.

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Beau Flynn on The Sequel

Beau Flynn was part of the producers for the first movie. He’s also known for his work on movies like Rampage, Skyscrapers, Hercules and San Andreas, with Dwayne as the main cast in all. In a recent interview with Collider, he talked about how the sequel is something he really wants. He also added that he and Hiram Garcia, his colleague, have to hear Emily Blunt and Dwayne’s take on it. Flynn also talked about how he has hopes on the duo’s incredible bond for Jungle Cruise 2. In his words:

“Their chemistry Is extraordinary in the first movie and I know now they know these characters so intimately. I know that they have big ideas of where they can take that universe and world”

Jungle Cruise 2 Release Date

For now, we do not have enough information concerning when Jungle Cruise 2 will be released. But, if the movie eventually gets greenlit, we would definitely be up for it. Until then, you can watch the first movie which is still available for streaming on Disney+.

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