She Doesn’t Age: Amy Kwok Surprises Netizens in New Video

Former Miss Hong Kong winner, Amy Kwok, recently got lots of netizens talking after the veteran entertainer appeared in a recently uploaded Douyin video. Some of her fans and many other people online are now talking about how young she still looks.

Julia Leung, wife of TVB star Wayne Lai, recently posted a video on Douyin social media platform. Just barley minutes later, several netizens in the comments section couldn’t help but notice the fact that Amy Kwok has barley aged. The 55- year-old was also with her husband (Sean Lau Ching Wan) in that same video, looking all vibrant and delightful.

Many of us have seen musicians, actors, dancers and all sorts of celebrities, who look like they don’t grow old quick and we often say “it’s probably through the help of their nutritionists” or “they have so much money, old age isn’t their problem”. But for the case of Amy Kwok, who has left the entertainment industry since the late 90s, people can’t just seem to get her secret.

In the comments section of Julia Leung’s Douyin video, several people pointed out that Amy Kwok maintained her youth very well. Some of them also talked about how she looks frozen in time with her eyeglasses, which also made her look like a college student. Sean Lau definitely does not regret marrying her many years back.

Amy Kwok and Sean Lau Love Story

Amy Kwok rarely appears in the media, this is one major reason her appearance online was a delightful surprise for netizens. Since she got married to Sean back in 1998, she left the entertainment industry in order to focus on her family.

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According to several sources, she even had to give up her NASA dream in order to be with Sean. In 2015, at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, Sean gave a romantic acceptance speech dedicated to Amy, saying;

“Whenever my spaceship goes elsewhere, you would always find a way to make me return to earth.”

Accordingto Epoch Times, Amy was an intern at NASA before joining Miss Hong Kong pageant back in 1991 and later on marrying Sean Lau.

Amy Kwok with Sean Lau, Julia Leung
Amy Kwok with Sean Lau, Julia Leung

Just so you know, Amy Kwok reportedly has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and was once known as the TVB actress with the highest educational qualifications. Amy was well-known for her lead role in The Greed of Man, a Hong Kong television series first broadcast on TVB Jade in 1992.

She met Sean during the filming of The Greed of Man and back then, Sean wasn’t even a celebrity yet. The two of them got together and along the line, they decided to become a couple. Up to this moment, they’re seen as one of the best couple in Hong Kong showbiz.

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