Star Awards 2023: Marcus Chin To Give Away $6.5k-Worth Tours For Votes

Star Awards 2023 is close by and there have been lots of talks, speculations and rumors concerning it. Even local actor Marcus Chin, has reportedly taken it very serious by giving away free package tours in order to win the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste prize at this year’s Star Awards.

According to Mediacorp SG, Star Awards 2023 is going to be Singapore’s biggest celebration of talent and content. The theme is going to be “Beyond | Celebrations” and it will be like a concert with lots of stars. The ceremony will feature some of Singapore’s elite talents as well as regional superstars, all joining forces to bring forth thrilling performances for an unforgettable night of glamour.

For Marcus Chin, the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste category from Star Awards is a major priority and it’s why he raises the bar each year. In return for public votes, Chin regularly does charitable things. Last year (2022), he actually gave out a couple of grilled fishes worth $46.80, at his co-owned restaurant chain.

Chin later won the award for the second consecutive time that year – after already winning the same award in 2021. For the Star Awards 2023, Marcus Chin has upped the ante. He would be giving out an eight-day-seven-night trip to Shanghai and the Jiangnan region worth $2,500 and also a seven-day-five-night trip to South Korea worth about $4,000.

He would also add in a $100 dining voucher at Tian Tian You Yu (his restaurant) for each of the two winners. Fans have to vote Chin to be eligible for the lucky draw

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Marcus Chin Star Awards Previous Records

Marcus Chin: Star Awards
Star Awards: Marcus Chin

Marcus Chin has been nominated for numerous other Star Awards over the years, including Best Supporting Actor, Best Variety Show Host, and Best Radio Programme Host. His contributions to the local entertainment industry have been recognized not just by the Star Awards, but also by other awards and accolades, cementing his status as one of Singapore’s most beloved actors and comedians.

In addition to his acting, Chin has very good hosting skills. He won the Best Variety Show Host award for “Comedy Nite” in 2004 and the Special Achievement Award in 2018. These awards recognized his ability to engage and entertain audiences through his hosting and interviewing skills.

He is hoping to have a third-time luck at the April 9 ceremony this year for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award. Despite his charitable deeds, Chin is still not confident he would win it. Recently, he told local Chinese media outlet 8world;

“Only die-hard fans of mine will log in every day to vote 10 times. Those who like me might not necessarily be die-hard fans, so I might lose out on some of their votes,” .

Last year, he also grabbed the Star Awards for Best Radio Programme category with LOVE 972 – The Breakfast Quartet. He also took home an award for the Perfect Combo category with LOVE 972-Yujian Huangchong (Weekend Edition).

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