How To Contact StarTime Customer Care

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Due to the situation many people are rushing and finding out How To Contact Startime Customer Care Include The Whatsapp Number To Call, with many apart from this which is daily searching online so don’t worry with this article post of mine I will clear everything for you.

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Yes continue reading for now I will look at How To Contact Startime Customer Care Include The Whatsapp Number To Call, some were aware of that while others were not aware, that it’s not a matter of worry whether you are aware or not this article will take you through all the process/steps in a wonderful and simple way.

How To Reach Startime Customer Care?

Before people are rushing to Startime Customer Service for resolving their issues with more stress whether recharge issues or antenna. But today there are numerous ways to reach Startime Customer Care which will be listed in this article post with clear explanation.

How To Reach Startime Customer Care Through Calls?

Yes, You can reach Startime Customer Care Through Calls it’s another way of contacting them the National Line to Call Startime Services in Nigeria Is 014618888 after dialing this Number follow all the instructions given by customer care to reach to steps that you will be contacted by their agent then outline your complain.

Startime Customer Care Number For Each State In Nigeria

1. Startime Customer Care Number Lagos

  • Lagos – Bariga – 09087041241
  • Lagos – Mushin –09087040397
  • Lagos – Ikotun – 08172398215
  • Lagos – Apapa – 08172398666
  • Lagos – Ijoko – 09087040398
  • Lagos – Awolowa way – 09087040392

2. Startime Customer Care Number Kano


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3. Startime Customer Care Number Kaduna


4. Startime Customer Care Number Abuja

  • Abuja – NTA – 08172398125
  • Abuja – Maraba – 08172398157
  • Abuja – Fadama – 08172398181
  • Abuja – Karu – 09087381560

5. Startime Customer Care Number Minna


6. Startime Customer Care Number Anambra

Onitsha – 08172397966

7. Startime Customer Care Number Makurdi


8. Startime Customer Care Number Aba


9. Startime Customer Care Number Enugu


10. Startime Customer Care Number Owerri


11. Startime Customer Care Number Jos


12. Startime Customer Care Number Yola


13. Startime Customer Care Number Sokoto


14. Startime Customer Care Number Gombe


15. Startime Customer Care Number Bauchi


16. Startime Customer Care Number Port Harcourt


17. Startime Customer Care Number Yenagoa


18. Startime Customer Care Number Uyo


19. Startime Customer Care Number Warri


20. Startime Customer Care Number Calabar


21. Startime Customer Care Number Benin


22. Startime Customer Care Number Ibadan

Iwo Road – 08172398038

23. Startime Customer Care Number Oshogbo


24. StarTime Customer Care Number Ilorin


25. StarTime Customer Care Number Akure


26. StarTime Customer Care Number Abeokuta


How To Reach StarTime Customer Care Through The App

Before you have to go to Your Google Play store install the Startime app then check the app you will see the option menu for contacting customer service.

Note that this app has a self – service then contact them to outline your complaint for assistance. do you want to know how to contact Startime customer care through the app follow the below step;

  • Open The StarTime app on your phone
  • Check the screen well you will see a help option Click on it
  • Then Check on Self – service to write your Complaint details
  • Mind you, you can go Through some of the FAQS on the you will be able to see the same question of your problem and it’s been solved so you’re safe and no need to contact them again hope I make it clear for you.

How To Reach StarTime Customer Care Through Whatsapp

This is another way to Reach StarTime Customer Care Through Whatsapp Number sorry for the inconvenience unfortunately there is no legit phone number to contact them through WhatsApp though they are contacted  (090 87393415)that are on their pages (Facebook, twitter) but it’s not safe and legit.

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How To Contact StarTime Customer Care Through Email Address

You can Contact StarTime Customer Care Through Email the below I will drop the Startime email address; or

Other Ways Of Contacting Startime Customer Care

There are several ways as I said before for reaching the Startime customer care service some are listed and explained above and here I will also list other ways of Contacting Startime customer care just continue reading and don’t skip any place it may be an important step for you.

1. Contact StarTime Customer Care Through Other Social media apps/platforms

off course it’s another of contacting Startime Customer Care though for my advice I don’t like to use this option because there are various people in the group that will lead you to the wrong part due to their own interests.




2. Visiting The StarTime Business Halls

This is another way of contacting StarTime Customer Care they are may business Hall around Nigeria which will be listed below with their address details;

  • Ilorin Business Hall- 9 Ahmadu Bello Way GRA
  • Abeokuta Business Hall- Obafemi Awolowo Avenue, Isale Igbehin Abeokuta.
  • Oshogbo Business Hall- 13b opposite Mobil filling station, Oke- Fia, Oshogbo
  • Jos Business Hall- 1 Beach Road Jos
  • Yola Business Hall- 30 Atiku Abubakar Road, Sabru House jimeta
  • Gombe Hall- First floor Kumbi plaza sabon layi Gombe
  • Bauchi Business Hall- Block B wunti shopping complex
  • Kano Business Hall- No 110 Murtala Muhammad Way By Tafawa Balewa Rd, Kano
  • Kaduna Business Hall- StarTimes Northwest zonal office No 8 constitution road opp stadium.
  • Sokoto Business Hall- No 11 Kano Road opp cbn Sokoto
  • Lagos – Awolowo way – 80 Awolowo way Ikeja Busstop, Ikeja
  • Abuja – NTA – NTA Area 11 opposite FCDA


Thank you so much for taking much of your wonderful time to read this article post of mine which I believe at the end of this post you will be able to know How To Contact Startime Customer Care Include The Whatsapp Number To Call by all the processes listed.

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