List Of All MTN USSD Code How To Check Account Balance, Borrow Airtime, Data, And How To Buy Any Data Bundle 2023 ( Latest Updated)

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Before going to the point I know you want to know how or which steps are you to follow to check your MTN Airtime balance.

USSD Code Airtime Recharge

Are you looking for the USSD Code to recharge your MTN line don’t worry by simply dialing *311*Recharge pin#

USSD Code to buy Data

in a simple and easy way you can buy a data by using the USSD Code below;


How do I check my Airtime balance on MTN

You can check your MTN Airtime balance by dialing the USSD Code below;


How do I borrow Airtime/Data on MTN

for an MTN Xtra time you can use your MTN line to borrow Airtime or Data when you’re running out of Airtime or Data.

You can used the USSD Code below to borrow on Airtime or Data on your MTN line the USSD Code is dial;


How do I borrow Data on MTN

An MTN Xtrabyte allow you to borrow data when you’re running out of data so you can also use the below USSD Code to borrow data dial;


How to transfer Airtime using USSD Code

Before you will be able to make transfer of an Airtime by using USSD Code you have to change your default PIN which is 000

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the USSD Code to set you pin is that you will send an SMS to *321* your default pin and your new pin to reset the pin for your transaction.

You can used the below illistratuion to transfer an airtime using USSD Code;

*321* Recipients phone number*Amount* New PIN#
then click on send it’s ok you are done.

How to buy Airtime with your bank account on MTN

You can by an airtime with your bank account with your MTN line by using the USSD Code below dial;

*904# or dial *904*the amount of Airtime you want# then you can buy it.

How to check MTN Data Bonus Balance Using USSD Code

You can also check Your MTN Data Bonus Balance by using the below USSD Code by dialing;

by dialing the above Code you can check your MTN Data Bonus Balance.

How to check your MTN Data Bundle Balance

in this steps you can also use USSD Code to check your MTN Data Bundle Balance by dialing the below USSD Code;


How to Contact An MTN Customer Care

You can contact the MTN customer service for support and help. do you want to speak or talk direct to their customers care you can do so by dialing the below code call

180 or call +2348031000180 you can also contact them through their Whatsapp number 09033000001 you can also send them an email:

How do to Check MTN Roaming

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An MTN Roaming is a discount rate of call from abroad or outside the country before to roam your line, you have to check whether the country you are going for, are eligible to the plan. dial *123*4# to check the eligibility.

To subscribe to MTN Roaming by using USSD Code *131*5# or *123*4# to select your prepared plan.

How to Check MTN International Call Balance Code

Same process also you can check your MTN International Call Balance by using USSD Code simply by dialing;


How to check your MTN Credit Balance

To check your MTN Credit Balance by simply dialing the USSD Code below;

*310# then Click on send or call.

MTN Data gift

Do you know you can gift your friend and family a data and with easy way and steps simply by dialing the below USSD Code;


How do I check the balance for my gifted bundle

By the way you can also check your gifted bundle by the below steps;

Using USSD Code simply by dialing *323#

by sending an SMS by texting 2 To 131

or by using myMTN App.


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