How To Get Free US Phone Number For OTP

Did you ever come across a program that is only available for the residents of US? You want to participate, but you can’t get US Phone Number to receive the OTP.

This post has contained detailed information on how to get a free US phone number for OTP.

You can continue to use that number for any online verification. However, it’s also worth noting that most of the free US numbers will not be available for use on Whatsapp.

Yes, you heard it right, because these numbers are free and open everybody can access them, when people keep requesting OTP with a single number from different regions, Whatsapp will automatically ban that number for policy violation.

However, we will also guide you on how to get the US phone number for Whatsapp, TikTok, and Telegram OTP.

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Requirements To Get Free US Phone Number

  • Android Phone
  • Internet Connection

As I clearly stated, everybody can access The free phone numbers, they are free and open for everybody.

It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t use any of these phone numbers for your sensitive privacy. They are temporary phone numbers.

Someone can access your information when he requests a password reset from a particular website.

Websites To Get Free And Open US Number

Below is the list of sites that You can get free and open Us Phone Numbers for OTP or online verification.

  1. OKSIMS; this is my favorite platform for getting free and open phone numbers; apart from receiving messages instantly, they also have a low number of users which increases the possibility of your usage to register more platforms.
  2. RECEIVESMS; this website has a high number of users, unlike OKSIMS; however, if you want to register an account with a new platform, You can try them out.
  3. Pingmetel
  4. Getfreesms
  5. SMS24
  6. Online SMS
  7. Simple texting
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How To Get US WhatsApp Number For Whatsapp?

Getting a phone number for Whatsapp OTP will depend on the app you choose from our list. Some apps will ask you to pay a little money while some will give you a free trial.

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