Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Dane Rupert

BBCAN Dane Rupert

If laying low for the first part of the game and striking towards the end of the game as a strategy was an unachievable feat for nearly all the past Houseguests of Big Brother Canada, Dane Rupert proved it is achievable!.  

Dane Rupert appeared on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 7 in 2019 and he won the show. His pre show interview had him revealing that he was a 27 years old Civil Technician who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia. Dane Rupert parades himself as the Prince of Kelowna who loves Hockey just like his BBCAN Icon, Jon Pardy from Season 3. Dane Rupert classifies himself as the entertainer of a group. He believes he is the boredom killer at every event he is found. At entry into the show in 2019, Dane Rupert claimed to be single and ready to mingle. 

Dane will do anything to enter into the big brother Canada House with his Dad’s Chain. Dane had recently lost his dad who meant the whole world to him.  

Dane Rupert came into the house with the strategy of being the Comp beast and along the line got to strike and choose the games he would win. He also acknowledged the fact that he is not the smartest in the world and to cover up for that, he would make friends with the most intelligent person in the house. He would have them do the mental tasks while he takes care of the Physical Challenges. 

Dane Rupert had a lot of moments in the house and he had a smooth competition. His luck can be said to be his physical strength. He was a member of the Pretty Boys Alliance. His allies were Adam Pike, Anthony Douglas, Estafania Hoyos and Mark Drelich. Dane Rupert had Head Of Household, HOH wins 5 times, week 2, week 4, Day 55, week 10 and Day 69. He had two Power of Veto wins, week 6 and week 10.  

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Dane Rupert is the first male to ever cast a tiebreaker vote and the second overall in the history of big brother Canada, BBCAN. On BBCAN 7, Dane Rupert is the first to win the Head of Household, HOH and the Power of Veto, POV in one week. Aside Demetres Giannitsos from season 3, Dane Rupert is another houseguest to have the most HOH wins in one season. One interesting event with Dane Rupert was that whenever he had the HOH win, Kyra Shenker was also nominated on the block. 

Dane Rupert still lives in Kelowna and still parades himself as the Prince of Kelowna. He is now active as a Mental Health Advocate. Dane is active on both twitter and Instagram. 

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