Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Anthony Douglas

BBCAN Anthony Douglas

Anthony Douglas is the 31 year old Gas Inspector from Richmond Hill, Ontario who appeared as a houseguest on the Big Brother Canada Show Season 7 in 2019 and he finished 2nd place as the runner up. 

One very striking and transparent fact about Anthony Douglas naturally appears as a Physical threat. His pre-show interview had him revealing that he had for so long worked on himself so he can at least easily walk through a door without being noticed or identified as a physical threat. Anthony said he stopped visiting the gym, started eating the foods he loved so he can be less identified as a physical threat on the show. “I got my body to a more humble place”. Anthony is a mommy’s boy, he revealed that the only thing he was going to miss when on the show was his Mother as his Mom means a lot to him as a man. 

Entirely, Anthony Douglas is not as tough as he appears. He describes himself as the smooth, kind and loyal person who can be very emotional at times. Anthony is very outgoing, this he said was because he was from Toronto. He also mentioned that his Xbox is the only thing he wished he would come onto the Big Brother Show with. 

Anthony’s big brother, BBCAN icon is Ryan Ballertine from season 6. To Anthony, Ryan Ballertine is a very funny guy and he played a very smart game on the show. 

Oftentimes, appearance can be misleading. As much as Anthony appeared as a physical threat to everyone, He wasn’t very lucky with games and challenges. Anthony had no Head of Household wins and had just one Power of Veto, POV win, on day 55. However, Anthony was very lucky as he never got on the block, at least not until the last day of the show in 2019. Anthony was a member of the Pretty Boys Alliance and his loyalties include; Dane Rupert, Cory Kennedy, Adam Pike and Mark Drelich. 

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Anthony Douglas remains the fifth houseguest that was never nominated on the block, this makes him the last male, last overalls from BBCAN 7 to be nominated only on the final day which was his first, last and only block nomination. Anthony Douglas finished second place which makes him the first and only runner up to win with a perfect game. 

On April 17, 2020, Anthony Douglas appeared on the Big Brother Canada, BBC and Big Brother US mini of sequester. He was voted out and he finished 13th Place. On the Mini of sequester, Anthony Douglas was the fourth runner up to win the game with no jury votes. 

Actively, Anthony Douglas is now a plus size model and he flaunts his body all over his social media pages. Anthony still prides himself as the LordDouglas of Richmond. He is active on both Twitter and Instagram. 

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