Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Kailyn Archer

BBCAN Kailyn Archer

It might just be fair to say that all mothers are always flashing their kids everywhere they get to. It might be a mother’s love or a thing of pride. Canada will never forget the beautiful Kailyn Archer who appeared as a houseguest on the Big Brother Canada Show in 2019 and was always talking about her love for her family. 

When she appeared on the Big Brother Show in 2019, she was 42 years old, married and has wonderful and blessed children. She is a psychic for a living and lives in Grand Prairie. Her husband is said to be from the Carribean. 

Kailyn described her personality as strong, spiritual and funny. Kailyn believed she is known for always organizing get-togethers, having fun with family, music and food. This is because Grand Prairie where she lives is a smaller city with close neighbours and community. This gave her the opportunity to organize mini events where everyone gets to have fun together. 

What Kailyn will be most happy about bringing on to the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN is her children. Also, she clearly stated that being away from her children will be the hardest part of the show for her and this is ebay she wished she could bring them on the show. 

Kailyn’s BBCAN idols are a few and they include Erica Hill from season 6, Hamza Hatoum from season 6 and Will Kenny from Season 6 as well. She loves Erica because she is a very strong competitor.  She respects Hamza Hatoum because of the way he went on to the show, played his game and came out unbothered. She admires Will Kenny because he was nice, goofy and played like he was on the show to have a good time.  

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At her pre-show interview, Kailyn refuses to reveal her strategy and game plan for winning the show. She insisted she was going to keep it to herself and let the people watch it.
Anyways, Kailyn didn’t see more days into the house as she was the third houseguest to be evicted from the show. While on the show, she wasn’t identified with any alliance. She had loyalties and they were Maki Moto, Eddie Lin and Laura Roberts. She had no Head of Household. HOH win and no Power of Veto, POV win. She was nominated for eviction once in the third week and she left the show that same week on the 29th day into the show.   

Kailyn went from the show back to her family and she is lying her best daily life still grand prairie.

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