Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Laura Robert


With the bald golden hair and bold style, BBCAN Laura Robert had a signature difference not just in her lifestyle but also her fashion sense and appearance. She is the kind of person that will walk into a room and heads will turn to see who it is who just walked in.

When she appeared on the 7th edition of the Big Brother Canada Show in 2019, she was a 26 years old judicial clerk. She was single and from Calgary, Alberta. Originally, Laura Roberts was from Senia, Italy. She was raised in an Italian-Canadian Household. 

Laura described herself as fun, passionate and smart. She acknowledged that she is known for being goofy all the time. For some stated reasons, Laura explained that the only thing she wished she could be allowed to bring on the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN is the entire box of Seinfeld. She grew up watching the show which has been relaxing and comforting for her. Laura revealed that the hardest part of being on Big Brother Show will be being away from her family. To her, emotions are vulnerabilities and weaknesses and family is like a “sounding board where she unloads her feelings”,

Laura Roberts Big Brother Icon is Ika Wong. This is not because everyone talks about Ika Wong as their favorite BBCAN houseguests but because she personally is a bit of a ball-buster who loves people who are unapologetic about themselves. 

Laura confessed to not entirely having a major or independent strategy for her stay on the show and this might be entirely because much of the Big Brother Canada show entails adapting and adjusting to situations and challenges as they come. The fact that she is a fast talker, Quick thinker and very up on her feet will see her through. 

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However, Laura did not even escape the first week in the house as she was evicted from the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN on the 6th day on the show by 8 votes against her. While on the show, she had no Loyalties and was not a member of any Alliance. She had no Head of Household, HOH win and no Power of Veto, POV win. 

Bold and Sassy Laura Robert is living a much pretty life and she is very active on Instagram where she shares lovely and great pictures of herself with her fans and followers. 

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