Meet BBCAN 8 Contestant: Hira Deol

BBCAN Hira Deol

Loved for his cute Indian appearance mixed with Canadian lifestyle, Hira Deol appeared as a houseguest on the very short 8th edition of the Big Brother Canada Show in 2020. If not for the abrupt end of the show, Hira Deol’s face is one of the faces Canada wished to see for a long time on the show in 2020. His signature Turban won the heart of most women in Canada. 

When Hira Deol appeared on the show, he was a married Indo-Canadian Accountant from Brampton, Ontario. He was 31 years old and had a daughter with his beautiful Indo-Canadian wife. 

Hira Deol also owns a ranch where his family resides in Brampton. A ranch he branded under the name, Fallbrook Trail Ranch. 

Uneventful like others who had to leave on the 25th day when the show was suddenly called off. Hira Deol was also one of the houseguests affected by the sudden end of the show by the organizers due to the tragic hit of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Since the commencement of the Big Brother Canada show, every edition of the show was always aired for a period of three months plus. Due to Corona complications which made the whole world shut down all human activities in March/April, the season 8 edition was called off on the 25th day after commencement, barely making a month On Air.

Regardless, the few days spent on the show had Hira on his A game. He was very fit physically and mentally. He had 2 Power of Veto wins in week 2 and Week 4. Hira didn’t shine with luck at the Head of Household Competitions as he had no HOH win. He wasn’t big on friendships so he had no loyalty and he wasn’t a member of an alliance. 

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Hira Deol also left the show and went back to his family to his usual blissful marriage life. Hira is active on both Instagram and Twitter.  

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