Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Kiera Wallace

BBCAN Kiera Wallace

Canada will never forget another fashion freak that graced the screen when the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN in 2019. BBCAN Kiera Wallace appeared as a houseguest on the 7th season of the Big Brother Canada Show in 2019. One of the things that made Kiera Wallace stand out amongst the other houseguests was her unique fashion sense and style. Even to the admiration of fellow houseguests and Viewers of the show. 

Nicknamed Kiki, when Kiera Wallace appeared on the Big Brother Canada show in 2019, she was a 23 year old bartender from Port Moody, British Columbia. She was also single. Kiera described herself as vivacious, authentic and hilarious. 

It was from her pre-show interviews that Kiera has been hiniting Canda of her love for good fashion and beautiful appearances. She mentioned that one thing she wished she was allowed to bring on to the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN is her Wardrobe. This is because to her, looking good is all it takes. She loves to look good 24/7 as looking good gives her the comfort she needs. To Kiera Wallace, the hardest part of being on Big Brother Canada, BBCAN is not having to listen to music whenever she wants to.

Kiera Wallace claimed she has so many Big Brother Canada Idol but if asked to pick number one, she would go for Cassandra Shahinfar from BBCAN Season 5. She admired how Cassandra Shahinfar came in one way and went out another way. From Cassandra’s game, Kiera mentioned that she learnt how one can go in with a strategy and have it changed completely. 

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Speaking of her strategy to win the show, Kiera explained that she intends to make friends with everyone, make them very comfortable with her and suddenly find a common interest that will be the deal breaker for her on the show. She believed people from Vancouver have the ability to overcome challenges and this will help her overcome major challenges on the Big Brother Canada show. 

While on the show, Kiera played a good game and got evicted from the show on the 34th day when a vote of 5 against her evicted her from the show. She had no Head of Household, HOH win but had 1 Power of Veto, POV win. She was a member of the Youngblood Alliance. Her loyalty was Estefania Hoyos. She got nominated on the block three times in week 3, Day 27 and week 5. 

After Big Brother Canada Season 7, Kiera Wallace got into a relationship with Jon Pardy, the winner of the Big Brother Canada Show, Season 2, BBCAN 2

Kiera Wallace is very active on Instagram and Facebook. 

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