Star Search Champion, Michelle Liow Returns to Showbiz

You remember the Star Search 2001 Champion, Michelle Liow? Well, the lovely entertainer has made a huge comeback in the entertainment industry. Apart from the Star Search show, many fans of the classic Mediacorp dramas like An Ode to Life and The Reunion, should definitely remember Michelle Liow.

The 46-year-old actress has made a successful recovery in the US after she moved their with her family. This was actually some years back, when she left Mediacorp. After Michelle left, it unfortunately took her out of the big screens, she wasn’t very much in the spotlight after then. Lots of her fans back then dearly wanted her to her back into the showbiz.

Many could remember how lots of fans back then, said that Michelle has a striking resemblance of both Fann Wong and Zoe Tay, who were also Singapore’s two widely-known stars during that moment. Many people expected Michelle Liow to follow up with these stars. She actually struggled with coming into the spotlight back when she starred in The Reunion, which graced our screens in 2001.

Michelle Liow’s Comeback to Showbiz

Michelle Liow is now a prosperous actress in America, this she revealed in a recent interview with Shin Min Daily News, a local Chinese media. She first of, thanked Crazy Rich Asians, the 2018 popular romantic comedy-drama. Michelle talked about how the movie revolutionised the way actors of Asian descent were perceived, especially in America.

Michelle Liow
Michelle Liow

She also discussed on how she worked on getting her Masters degree in fashion merchandising while operating her marketing-related business at the same time, before returning to acting. Michelle added that she got more encouragement after a short film in 2018 (Please Translate), got her the Best Emerging Actress award at the Coven Film Festival in 2019.

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In Michelle’s new project, she stars as Queen Lin, the Queen of the Han Dynasty in the 2022 docudrama, ”Why the Nativity?“. The 80 minute film which released on YouTube about 2 months ago, has now garnered over 16 million views on the video-sharing platform. The film delves into more about the birth of Jesus Christ and filming took a couple of weeks.

“It took about two to three hours just to get the make-up and outfit of my character right, but I didn’t find it tough at all. On the contrary, as filming went on, I became even more excited, and focused on my role. We filmed for a couple of weeks, and when I returned home after that, I (was so tired) I collapsed,” Michelle said.

Just so you know, she has also appeared in White Sky Falling Dragon, an original Asian American stage play. In this one, Michelle played May, a young Chinese American who is courageous, brave and at the same time, soft-spoken. Michelle Liow will also be appearing in a production which is jointly helmed by Hong Kong’s TVB and the Asian American filmmaking group, Wong Fu Productions.

If this isn’t a huge comeback to the entertainment industry for Michelle Like, then I don’t know what is. From someone who was once known as just a Star Search champ many years back, to someone who’s involved in a lot of TV productions today, she’s definitely doing well.

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