Shaw Plaza Balestier Finally Reopens After Almost 4 Years

Shaw Plaza Balestier is now reopened after almost four years of renovations. The new and improved Shaw Plaza features 11 cinema halls, making it the venue with the most premium halls in Singapore. In addition to its impressive cinema offerings, the mall has been transformed into a family-friendly destination with new restaurants and amenities.

First opened in 1971, Shaw Plaza Balestier has since undergone several renovations to keep up with the changing times. The most recent renovation took almost four years to complete and has transformed the mall into a modern, family-friendly destination. One of the highlights of the new Shaw Plaza is its impressive cinema offerings.

Shaw Plaza Balestier

To celebrate its grand opening, Shaw Plaza Balestier has planned a series of fun activities on April 1st and 2nd. Families can enjoy caricature sessions, balloon sculpting shows, and more. The first 500 shoppers who spend a minimum of $120 (maximum combination of three receipts) during the opening weekend will receive Gift-away Vouchers.

The new and improved Shaw Plaza Balestier offers a variety of kid-friendly activities. The Sky Terrace is one of them and it’s on Level 3. It is also a spacious open area decorated with fauna and playground equipment. During the opening weekend, children can expect to find large balloon animals roaming around the area. Additionally, Shaw Theatre has doubled in capacity and now features Lumiere halls. The Lumiere halls come complete with cushy reclining leather seats and state-of-the-art sound systems.

From now until September 30th, moviegoers can enjoy the Lumiere halls at a discounted price with a $5 off promotion. The discounted rates are as follows:

  • Digital (off-peak): $18 (U.P. $23)
  • Digital (peak): $23 (U.P. $28)
  • 3D (off-peak): $20 (U.P. $25)
  • 3D (peak): $25 (U.P. $30)
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If you are a movie lover out there, then you should definitely be checking out what Shaw Plaza Balestier has in store for you. Considering the fact that it has now been reopened with several upgrades, the chances of being entertained to the core is high.

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