The New Punisher Comics Ending Teases War Between Frank Castle And A Marvel God

The new Punisher Comics introduces a rival organization known as ‘The Apostles of War’. They’re set to wage war against Frank Castle and their leader is frighteningly one who feeds on war. 

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Warning! Spoilers for Punisher #2 by Marvel Comics ahead

The beginning of Punisher #2 shows Frank Castle, new warlord and leader of the nefarious group known as The Hand. He’s all loved up in bed with his Wife who was murdered long ago alongside her children. Her resurrection was of course, an irresistible offering to Frank from The Hand and its Archpriestess. She believes the group has lost it’s way and has been facing multiple defeats because they have no competent leader. After being tested by the Archpriestess, Frank is now expected to uphold several unprincipled duties.

Halfway through the comics, Frank is visited by one of the members of The Apostles of War. The Apostles of War is like a rival organization from modern Greece. The Punisher together with some ninjas from The Hand surprisingly ambushed them in the previous Punisher (2022) #1 comics. The visitor presents a Banner Cannon (a powerful gamma-powered gun) as an item of truce to Frank. Frank is also now empowered with supernatural feats from The Beast. The Beast is actually a demonic being worshipped by members of The Hand. The visitor is asked to reveal who leads The Apostles of War but after foreseeing his evil deeds, Frank proceeds to brutally knock him out, giving Ares the go-ahead to start what would likely be a war with The Punisher.

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The Ending Of The New Punisher Comics

The ending of Punisher #2 shows an angry Ares, who is Marvel’s God of War, meeting with a small group of mercenaries from a different cult because of a previous deal between the two groups. After learning that they did not use the weapons he gave them, Ares proceeds to brutally murder the mercenaries with his bare hands, ripping one of them in half just like Sentry did to him in the Seige Comics which was published by Marvel Comics back in 2010. Without the help of his aides, Ares gets to know that his member who was sent to The Punisher didn’t make it, pointing out that his Uncle’s realm (Hade’s Underworld) is silent instead of being filled with chants welcoming Frank Castle.

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Ares goes on to declare war on The Punisher and one would love to know how an empowered Frank will keep up with this Marvel God who gets strengthened by war right? The Punisher #3 comics by Aaron, Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta, would be released on May 25 by Marvel.

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