3 Actors That Can Play Superman in Upcoming DC Movies

“Who do you think will be part of the suitable actors that can play Superman in upcoming DC movies?” – This question you see here is one that casual movie watchers would have hundreds of answers to. On the other hand, there are movie watchers that actually know how much it takes for an actor to exquisitely portray a very detailed comic-accurate live-action version of Superman and they do know that only a handful of actors are capable of doing so.


Looking at the character known as Clark Kent, whose alter ego is Superman from DC, he is like the a fictional representation of a God having a humanoid form. So humble that even when given the chance to have normal humans beneath his feet just as we see in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, he refused.


Recently, there have been rumors stating that Henry Cavill may not play Superman in future DCEU movies and because of this, many fans are already asking questions concerning who would be his replacement.


So let us take a look at 3 actors that can play Superman in upcoming DC movies.

1. Michael B. Jordan


If you are familiar with Val Zod from the DC comics, this shouldn’t be a surprising pick for you as he is also a Kryptonian from the same planet as Kal El (Clark Kent). Some months back, reports stated that Michael B. Jordan would be playing the role of Superman but this got some people off their seats.

This is due to the fact that most movie watchers do not know that in the DC universe, there isn’t only one Superman.

After the announcement, some people were not comfortable with the idea of Michael B. Jordan taking up the role of Clark Kent from Henry Cavill.

If you catch the drift here, you should by now know that Superman isn’t just a character known for flying and saving the citizens of, it is a duty and anyone who is of the power can take it up as a role. This is why it is worthy to note that Michael B. Jordan would surely be able to pull of a character like Val Zod who would actually be the Man of Steel but on another Earth (Earth 2 to be precise).

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2. Matt Bomer

It is very easy to tell that Matt Bomer is a DC fan and if you take a quick look at his perfectly executed voice acting of the Man of Steel in the 2013 animated movie, Superman: Unbound, you would surely want him to play a live-action Superman. It is also worthy to note that Matt voiced the Flash (Barry Allen) in the animated movie known as Justice Society: World War II released back in 2021.

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Superman: Unbound is currently sitting at a wholesome 100% on the tomatometer by Rotten Tomatoes with an audience score of 75%, this just goes to show you how good it is. Looking at the reviews on Superman alone from that animated movie, you can tell that the audience did like Matt Bomer’s excellent work with the voice acting, now imagine him as a live action version of Clark Kent.


People have seen how well Henry Cavill took up the role of Superman, how determined he was to act as the character and we are very sure this is something that Matt Bomer is capable of pulling off.


Matt Bomer has done a wonderful work portraying very different characters in some of his past movies and this is exactly why some fans want him as Superman. He is definitely part of the actors that can play Superman, going undercover and unoticed as Clark Kent, a casual journalist at the Daily Planet.

3. Richard Madden


Marvel’s Eternals movie which was released in 2021 showed the audience a different version of ‘Superman’ who is known as Ikaris, played by Richard Madden and even with the fact that it didn’t do well at the Box office, the characters were portrayed well. Our focus here is on Ikaris and if you read the Eternals comic book before the movie, you would see that no one else could excellently act as this character other than Richard Madden.


Ikaris is just another one superhero out of hundreds that has feats similar to Superman and since Richard Madden is already live action Ikaris, he definitely is not far from playing Kal El in future DC movies.

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Instead of the regular Clark Kent some of us are used to, Richard Madden as a live-action version of Kal-L from Superman: Red Son would actually be a nice thing to see and he’d surely portray the character well. In case you do not know, this version of Superman is not from the main DC universe and isn’t the one we know from Smallville, Kansas. This variant is actually a Superman from Soviet Ukraine.

Quite a noticable amount of fans have pointed out that Richard Madden is also part of a bunch of actors that can play Superman (Red Son) and if he’s later given the chance, we do hope the very best from him.

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The list above contains just 3 out of hundreds of actors that we think are capable of replacing Henry Cavill as Superman and that is even if he is not going to be Superman onscreen anymore.

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