Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Adam Pike

BBCAN Adam Pike

The Big Brother Canada show is known for always bringing varieties of individuals with different amazing personalities together in a house. Of such amazing personalities is Adam Pike. BBCAN Adam Pike appeared on the 7th season of the Big Brother Canada Show in 2019. 

On appearance on the show, BBCAN Adam Pike was a 27 years old oil field worker from Spaniard’s Bay, NF. He claims that he is popular for being positive, energetic and happy. He was single and classifies himself to be a positive, courageous and motivated person. His Big Brother idols are both Dan Gheesling on BB 10 and 4 and Derrick Lavasseur from BB16. 

His pre-show interview had him revealing his most precious property which happened to be the necklace he usually wears. According to Adam, the necklace was from a friend he used to have who passed away. The necklace has in it a quote he and his late friend do say to each other before his death. This event might be Adam’s most painful experience in life. However, Adam boasts that he is never going to have a hard time leaving his family and friends behind for the show. This is because he is used to being away from home as he has lived with numerous people over the years.  

However, Adam Pike revealed that he came onto the show with a plan on creating a four person alliance that will be kept secret. While on the show, Adam also had a good run and he was a member of the Pretty Boys Alliance and his loyalties include Anthony Douglas, Dane Rupert, Mark Drelich and Samatha Picoo. He was nicknamed Pikes and also named The Marine. 

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Adam had three Head of Household, HOH wins in Week 1, Day 27 and Week 8. He also had four Power of Veto, POV wins in Week 2, Week 5, Week 7 and Week 9. He was nominated on the block three times in Week 7, Week 9 and Wek 10. Adam Pike finished 4th place and he also won a cash prize of $5,000 when he won a challenge.

BBCAN Adam Pike is the first houseguest to win Power of Veto, POV twice on the BB7. He is also the first to win both Head of Household, HOH and Power of Veto, POV three times each on BBCAN7. Alongside Shne Meaney, John McGuire, Jackson Nichie, Nick & Phil Paquette and Kevin Martin, Adam is the second houseguests with the most amount of Power of Veto, POV wins by a male in a single season. 

Adam Pike finished fourth place on the show. He is now into Fitness Training. He is a certified online fitness trainer.   

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