Meet BBCAN 7 Contestant: Estafania Hoyos

BBCAN Estafania Hoyos

Talk of one of the most widely travelled houseguests to ever appear on the Big Brother Canada Show. BBCAN Estafania Hoyos has got to be a travelling freak and this was her signature when she appeared as a houseguest on the 7th season of the Big Brother Canada Show, BBCAN in 2019.

When BBCAN Estafania Hoyos appeared on the show, she was a 23 years old student from Gatineau, QC. She was single and happily living the life of a Canadian student. She described herself as adventurous, kind and compassionate. 

She claimed that she is popular for travelling widely. At her Pre-show interview, Estafania took time out to list a few out of all the countries she has been to and they include; Europe, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Germany, Iceland, Columbia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Los Angeles etc. 

If there’s anything Estafania Hoyos wished she was allowed to bring onto the Big Brother Canada, BBCAN show, it would be her dog,Toby. Estafania did not hesitate to declare how attached she is to her dog. 

Estafania mentioned that she doesn’t see any part of BBCAN that will be hard for her except for being on the slope. This is because she knows she can get really grumpy when she is hungry. 

Estafania’s Big Brother Icon is Kevin Martin from Season 2. She admires Kevin Martin because he has good connections with people and he is also very good at competitions. She also mentioned Daniel Lavasseur from BB16  as her icon and that is because everyone loves Daniel and Daniel was amazing on the show. 

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Speaking on strategy that she planned on using to win the show, Estafanos described that she plans to make something genuine. She plans to build good connections, even if she has to pretend the connection is working when it is actually now working. She believed that from her experience from watching the show, great alliances are formed on the first day and these alliances give it all it takes to save and protect their members in the first few weeks. Hence, she plans on walking in on the first day and joining the right groups and in the middle week form a smaller alliance that she will be actively part of. 

While on the show, Estafania Hoyos made good connections and she played a strong game, She had no Head of Household, HOH win and no Power of Veto, POV win. She was a member of the Youngblood Alliance and had only one loyalty throughout her stay on the show, Kierra Wallace. Estafania was nominated for eviction three times, Week 6, Week 7 and Week 8 while the last one was the nomination that saw her eviction from the show. 

Estafania is the only jury member that did not cast an eviction vote during the jury phase of Big Brother Canada 7, BBCAN 7. 

After Big Brother Canada, BBCAN, Estafania Hoyos went back to her normal life and she is active on Instagram where she shares pictures from friends, families and her dog. She also runs a handmade clothing brand which the proceeds goes to the children who are in need of school necessities.   

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